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5 Quick & Easy Hairstyles to Work Out With!

When a woman decides to commit to a work out regime, she puts several things into consideration: the gym clothes to wear, to the water bottle to carry and of course, the hair style she’ll be getting fit in.

Hitting the gym with the right ‘do is not just important for that quick post-workout selfie, but also for achieving a great workout, because none wants hair in their face or sticking to their sweaty bodies while they’re training.

As we think about all things ‘movement’ this month here at SPICE, we’ve listed a few functional yet cute hairstyles to try with your fitness regime; quick and easy sporty ‘dos that’ll keep you focused on your workout, while others focus on your style.

1. The Sporty Puff


Perfect for those with natural kinky hair, the sporty take on the puff is basically a ponytail that keeps your coils well out of the way.

Handy for the gym or when running errands (or when you make a complete mess of your roller set or twist out), the look will stay in place while you are moving and well after too.

1. First, moisten hair and apply a moisturiser.

2. Use a wide tooth comb and soft bristled brush to direct hair upward to the top of the head.

3. Place the large headband around your neck.

4. Apply edge control, pomade or gel around the edges and nape of your neck, then smooth the hairline with the soft brush.

5. Pull your headband up to your forehead, and using both hands slide it upward until desired puff size is reached. The farther back you slide the band, the smaller the puff (free ends of your hair) will be.

6. Fluff out your puff and further smooth down your edges as desired.

2. The Low Ponytail


Ponytails are have long been the go-to hairstyle for women heading to the gym, but of all the varieties, the low pony is the easiest to achieve.

To keep your pony from being utterly boring though, try a twisted one for a touch of ‘chic’ at the gym.

1. First, divide hair into three sections: two sections, either side of your face and 1 larger section at the back of the head, from the top of the crown.

2. Put the back section into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic.

3. Take one of the side sections and separate it into three equal parts.

4.  Starting with the lowest portion of hair, twist the hair to the end and wrap it around your ponytail. Secure this end with a bobby pin. Continue with the other two portions of hair on this side.

5. When first side is complete, repeat on the other side. You should end up with all six sections twisted, and pinned to meet your ponytail.

3. Cornrows


Not exclusive to African hair, cornrows have long been regarded as one of the oldest and most simple ways to wear your hair when working out. NBA stars and performers of all types sport the hair style as a hairstyle while working out, as they allow the head to keep cool while also looking cool.

Just a few braids running toward the back of your head can instantly up your style game, and can be achieved on both short and long hair.

1. Part a small piece of hair, running from the front to the back of your head. Split section off into three portions.

2. Begin to braid with a couple of regular underhand stitches (cross the right portion of hair under the middle one; cross the left portion of hair under the middle, and repeat).

3. As you cornrow, be sure to only add/pick up new hair from the middle portion.To do this, you simply pinch off a little hair and add it to the middle portion, then  proceed with you braiding (crossing the right portion under the middle portion; left portion under the middle portion).

4. Continue until your cornrow spans from the front of your hair to the back (the end of the section you parted). You can then decide to add two or  more cornrows to complete your look.

4. The Messy Bun


It may surprise you but messy buns are now considered more chic than prim and proper ones, which is great, because they can be easily created.

It is the prefect style for rushed mornings or working out, as they keep you looking stylish with minimal effort required (because you’re saving all your strength for your workout!).

Just accentuate your bun with a headband (preferably cloth) to leave a sporty look that will stay off of your face.

1. First, without brushing, pull your hair into a loose ponytail, as high or as low as you’d like your bun to sit.

2. Separate the free-hangning hair in your ponytail into two sections and then tease them to add volume. This will provide the messy texture you need to pull off the look, and keep your bun from entering ‘ballerina’ territory.

3. Take the two teased sections and wrap them in opposite directions – holding the twisted hair away from your head. Next, instead of pinning your hair neatly into the elastic band of your ponytail, secure your twisted hair with bobby pins about an inch from its end, leaving the free hair to fray around your bun, creating a messy effect.

4. If you feel like the body of your bun is too tight, gently pull it apart with your hands or with the end of a comb. You can also pull a few rogue pieces out around the face for a further ‘messy hair don’t care’-type look.

5. Loose Braided Pigtails


Braided pigtails are an easy (and adorable) way to keep hair out of your face, which makes the look perfect for working out with.

To achieve this style, simply follow these steps:

1. Brush your hair to remove any tangles, then part it down the middle and divide it into two equal parts.

2. Gather both sections of hair into two ponytails – as high or low as you prefer.

3. Braid each pony loosely (divide hair into three parts; cross the right strand over the middle, then cross the left strand over the middle and repeat). When you get about an inch before the end of the braid, secure this with a hair tie.

4. Pull at the plait very gently to give the braid a looser look, and add a little volume.

5. For further texture, rub random segments in the braid gently between your thumb and forefinger. The finished look shouldn’t leave hair falling out of the braid, but the plaits look look relaxed and slightly irregular.

6. Repeat the process with the second section of hair and you’re good to go.

But what are your go-to styles for getting fit this Summer? Show us your gym-ready hairstyles by tagging us in your work out looks online @SPICETVAFRICA.


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