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5 Ways to Prove You’re Feeling Yourself Like Beyonce & Nicki

While we at SPICE are thinking ‘Flower Power’ this month of May, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce have been displaying a bit of ‘Girl Power’ – or ‘Pink Power’ as we’re sure Nicki would have it – in their new, just-dropped video for the track, “Feeling Myself.”

And, with the entire World wanting to possess even an ounce of the stars’ self-confidence (or an ounce of a certain body part), Team SPICE have outlined 5 fool-proof ways to prove you’re feeling yourself this Summer, too…

1. Go Cray with Your Beach ‘Fit


So Summer’s coming and basically everyone will be heading to the beach in their best two-sy and showing skin.

Want to come across body confident but feel afraid to flash any flesh? Well, why not go for a one-piece instead of a bikini, like video besties Bey and Nicki?


And don’t stop there, either – jazz the look up with lots of cool accessories and you’ll be sending out carefree, ‘don’t give AF’ vibes to everyone else in the vacinity.


Failing that, do as Ms Knowles and Ms Minaj did and build your own beach with a paddling pool, set up in your back yard. You can work up to making public appearances with time.

2. Eat Like You Aren’t Counting Calories


While unconfident people may fret about getting fit for Summer and hitting the beach, those truly feeling themselves will stop going on about calories and dodging dinner dates.

In fact, someone super confident about themselves (and whatever body shape or size they may be) will head out, grab that menu and order whatever it is they really want, and eat it with the gusto these two baes did in their music video.


If your thighs will never let this happen then why not find a friend to eat all your chips for you? As Beyonce and Nicki have proved, a friend you can feed is a friend indeed… Find her and make her full for the both of you.

3. Touch Your Hair. Like, Lots.


While many body language experts will observe that shy or nervous people will constantly adjust their hair in social situations, Bey and Nicki did this to eloquently explain that they are physically and mentally feeling themselves.


The overly confident stars weren’t merely tucking stray strands behind their ears or fiddling with the ends of their hair, either, but whipping their tresses back and fourth in a way that’d have Willow Smith jealous.

Getting out of a pool, car or building anytime soon? Take a moment to tell everyone you’re feeling super fly with an epic hair flip.

4. Don’t Chase After People


We’ve all been there. That guy or girl with the perfect daily selfies that you just want to hang with (or crazier still, be) but can’t seem to get a follow from?

Mate, you need to say “meh” and stop endlessly liking their Insta pics. They’re feeling themselves as hard as you’re chasing them, and to prove you’re in the same league, you might want to stop beg-friending online.


Instead, whip on that front-facing camera and get snapping your fabulous self. It’s what Beyonce would do. It’s what Nicki would do. And Lord knows they’re feeling theirselves – while never hitting the follow button…

5. Tell Yourself You’re Feeling Yourself

Lastly, the best way to truly come across like you’re totally feeling yourself, is to tell yourself, repeatedly.

Known as self-affirmations, short positive mantras that you repeat out loud on the daily are cited as a great tool to improve your mental wellbeing, GL Cohen saying in his book, The Psychology of Change that;

“…Self-affirmations can have lasting benefits”

– and can;

“…Improve education, health, and relationship outcomes.”



And, while Bey’s mantra is pretty to the point (she repeats “I’m feeling myself, feeling my-feeling myself” throughout the track), the internet suggests sentences like;

“My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.”


“I acknowledge my own self-worth; my confidence is soaring.”


We at SPICE suggest you try these or any of our above tips to get out there and tell the World you’re truly feeling yourself. But just don’t go weird with it and start sneaking up on people in the bathroom like Bey did in the video. No need to go from confident to creepy…


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