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#BeautySpot: Daala Oruwari’s Slick, ’20s-Style ‘Do

Nigerian TV personality, Daala Oruwari (also known as “Goddess of Skillz ” and the “Bald Queen”) is proving that she has plenty of skills in the hair department, by continuing to wow us here at SPICE, with her fresh hairdos – this week, sharing a shot of her newly-waved mane.


In her new set of pictures for Elpis Megalio, the star looks utterly stunning with her makeup understated and involving a soft, shimmery eye with nude lips, and the crowning glory: her head of hair, which was slicked into ’20s-style finger waves.


Whether wet, swept back, precision styled or plastered flat to the head, slicked hair is a hot hair trend for Spring/Summer’16, and you’d do well to rock it asap.

Get the Look (for cropped or short hair)

To get Daala’s plastered down look though? You’ll need a good-quality hair gel or a mousse that keeps a strong hold, and to pay close attention to following these tips here below.

1. First, working on clean hair, divide your mane into sections, running on a curve or from a side parting. Section all of the hair, starting at the front and leading to the back of the head or to the nape of the neck (just as you would if cornrowing hair).

2. Next use a set of hot iron curlers to curl the hair. Taking one of your parted sections (or ‘rows) of hair at a time, set tubular curls that run horizontally in each ‘row’ of parted hair. All the curls should bye set in the same direction as each other. You can pin them into place while you finish working on each section.


3. Next, rub gel into your hands and pat this lightly into your hair, allover. We like like Design Essentials’ “Contours” gel (N3,147 here) or  Eco Styler’s “Professional Styling Gel with Protein” (N1,599 here).


The amount you use shouldn’t create a ‘wet’ effect, unless this is desired; use just enough to eventually hold the hair otherwise.

4. Now, taking a fine tooth comb and working from the main side parting (from where you want your style to be set), comb slightly through the hair,  flattening the curl, just 1cm or so at the root. With the comb still in the hair, hold your finger over the flattened root, and then drag your comb along the hair (as though you would to make another parting), for around 2-3cms, which should create a V-shape bend in the direction of the free hair.

Comb as part of a set (N1,500 here)
Comb as part of a set (N1,500 here)

Use another finger to place in front of the comb (‘trapping’ the bend), then remove the comb and squeeze your two fingers together, creating a small, raised fold or wave between the flattened root and the free end of the hair.

5. Place your finger to flatten 1cm of hair after the fold, then repeat the above step, dragging the comb in the opposite direction, as though you are making another parting. You should start to see a zig-zag pattern in the hair forming, defined by the raised waves.

6. When you have worked your way around your head, you may set this by carefully patting in more gel or by using a hairspray if desired.

Got your own way of creating this ’20s style look? Tell us how you set finger waves or what you think to Daala Oruwari’s hairstyle in the comments box below, or online @SPICETVAFRICA.


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