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#BeautySpot: Toke Makinwa’s Stand Out, Strobed Look!

Nigerian OAP, Toke Makinwa is never one to be dull when it comes to make up, and proving she finds joy in nailing top makeup trends, the beauty posted a shot to her Instagram page, showing off a subtle, strobed look.

Posing pretty with perfect brows, smokey eye makeup and pink lips, the sexy ambassador for Mecran Cosmetics had a fine facial glow going on, working a gentle spot of “strobing” via strategically-placed highlighter.


One of the most buzzed-about beauty trends since it arrived last year, the technique involves using shimmery shades to accentuate features, creating the illusion that the face is contoured without having had to actually define the features. Toke does the job justice in this picture, leaving a dewy, glowing finish that Team SPICE want for ourselves.

Get the Look

If you are dying to replicate Toke’s look too, do not sweat. Not only is it easy to achieve but we’ve a few tips for you to follow…


1. First, find your fave liquid highlighting product. For light to medium skin tones, SPICE recommend MAC’s Strobe Cream ($33 here or N7,800 from any of the walk-in MAC centres in your area). If you have medium to dark skin, look for gold-flecked formulas which will not show up ‘ashy’. We like Makeup Revolution’s Ultra Strobe Cream (N 2446.66, here).


2. Mix a pea-sized amount of the liquid highlighter with your liquid foundation and apply to the face, as you would usually. This will create a dewy look.

3. Next, using powder highlighter that matches the tone of your liquid highlight, apply with a brush to the ‘high points’ of your face; to the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow. For a more intensely-strobed look, apply a little to the brow bone and the centre of the forehead. Be sure to blend the product well into the skin.


4. To finish, use a setting spray (we like NYX’s Makeup Setting Spray, N6500 here) or a setting powder.

And that’s it – you’re now ready to show off your strobed look this season! Already got the trend nailed? Show us your strobed-up selfies like Toke Makinwa’s, by tagging us in them online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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Image source:,, @Tokemakinwa,

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