Friday, June 2, 2023

Beyonce Reveals Surprise New Line of Nail Wraps with NCLA

Superstar and mistress of surprise, Beyonce is sneaking up on her fans’  expectations, announcing the launch of a new nail line with NCLA – a nail wrap brand we recently featured as our Friday Find (see their must-have ankara wraps, here).

Just in time for December and all the gifting that’ll be going on, Beyoncé has released a set of four nail wraps with NCLA that are a must for any mega-fan of her mega-styled music videos.

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The stick-on designs celebrate the infamous ‘surprise’ latest album from the beauty, which was released this time last year, with the nail wraps each transforming lyrics and themes into nail art that anyone can wear. A set of tartan wraps nod to the  “Flawless” video, wherein she wore a plaid shirt, while another re-imagines the neon signs from the “Blow” video onto cool tips for your fingers.



There’s even a set inspired by the custom-made Tom Ford bodysuit that Queen Bey wore to this year’s VMAs, and a monochrome range of wraps with the album track list scribbled on.


Each set of appliqués retails at $18, and with super fans likely to clamour for theirs, we at SPICE will be holding off in hope for a surprise 5th set that includes the celebrated “surfbort” lyric.

Find Beyonce’s new line of nail wraps for NCLA, here.

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