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Beyonce Wins ‘Fashion Icon’ Award at the 2016 CFDAs

The 2016 CFDA Awards took place last night in New York, and honoured with the top award, singer Beyonce Knowles Carter was given the ‘Fashion Icon’ award in front of a crowd of the industry’s best professionals.

Introduced as “today’s biggest superstar” by the CFDA president, designer Diane Von Furstenberg, Bey took to the podium amid a standing ovation, wearing a beautiful, sparking Givenchy suit and the wide-brimmed hat we saw in her “Formation” video.



Accepting her award, which the internet previously campaigned to give to Lil Kim, following Vogue’s report that it ‘should’ go to Kim Kardashian, Beyonce said;

“As long as I can remember, fashion has always been a part of my life. Its effect on me actually started before I was born. Most of you guys don’t know this, but my grandmother was a seamstress.

…When we were starting out in Destiny’s Child, high-end labels, they didn’t want to dress four black, country, curvy girls. And we couldn’t afford designer dresses and couture. My mother was rejected from every showroom in New York. But like my grandmother, she used her talent and her creativity to give her children their dreams.”



The singer explained how her mother, Tina Knowles had made each of Destiny’s Child’s outfits by hand, “putting so much passion and love into every small detail,” and how at every important moment  – from prom and her first Grammys red carpet, to her wedding to Jay Z – Beyonce had called on her mother to design her gown, adding that;

“When I wore these clothes on stage I felt like [Game of Thrones queen] Khaleesi; I had an extra suit of armor. It was so much deeper than any brand name.”

Beyonce’s style has come along way since her days at Destiny’s Child though, with her colourful, curve-loving ensembles having evolved alongside her powerhouse performances, from her first solo video to her epic visual albums; from new, solo-career woman on the block, to mother, wife and feminist with a name known all around the world and never to be forgotten.

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Nodding, almost to that icon-ship and to her own legendary status, the humble Beyonce wore a look that was strikingly reminiscent of one worn by Michael Jackson – a move that shows she’s just as aware of her success as us mere mortals are.

Despite the fact her achievements haven’t come via wardrobe alone (Beyonce being one of few stars whose talent always outshines her wardrobe), the Lemonade singer emphasised the importance of style with her acceptance speech continuing;

“I want to say thank you to every designer that works tirelessly to make people feel like they can write their own story. Y’all are fairy godmothers and magicians and sculptors and sometimes, even our therapists. I encourage you to not forget this power that you have, or take it lightly.

We have an opportunity to contribute to a society where any girl can look at a billboard and magazine cover and see her own reflection. Soul has no colour, no shape, no form. Just like all of your work it goes far beyond what the eyes can see.


You have the power to change perception, to inspire and empower, to embrace their complications and see the true beauty. To show people how to embrace their complications and see the true beauty and strength that’s inside all of us. Thank you so much for this incredible award, I’ll never forget this night, and God bless y’all.”

Team SPICE congratulate (and “bow down” to) Beyonce on her win at the 2016 CFDA Awards – but tell us what you think to the star’s ‘Fashion Icon’ nod and whether you think it was well deserved, by tagging us online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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