Saturday, March 2, 2024

Helen Jennings Launches New Site for Contemporary Africans, Naatal

Fashion journalist and author, Helen Jennings has just launched a brand new fashion and culture site, Naatal, which is set to report on visuals arts, culture, entrepreneurship, current affairs, technology and the environment on the continent, and from the diaspora.

SPeaking to i.D Magazine, Jennings, who has so far written all the initial content, including an interview with model and designer Armando Cabral, and an interview with Rosario Dawson and her design partner at Studio One Eighty Nine, explained;

“The time is right to go live now because Africa’s creative scene is beginning to boom.

Its best designers, artists and storytellers are building the cultural landscape at home as well as making waves in the rest of the world, where there is a newfound interest in all things African. And this movement is only set to grow.”

Image by Kent Andreasen
Image by Kent Andreasen

Of the content – which as well as including fashion, beauty and music interviews like this one with the team behind the Gidi Culture Festival, also offers a live gallery of curated African photography – Jennings said;

“Our content is globally relevant but with Africa at its heart. It’s of interest as much to Africans living on the continent and those in the diaspora as it is to non-Africans engaged with the economic and creative development of Africa.”

Team SPICE have already leafed (ok, clicked) through the site and as well as congratulating Helen Jennings on her new venture, we wish all the best.

Image by Lakin Ogunbanwo
Image by Lakin Ogunbanwo

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