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#Lookbook: Iamisigo’s S/S’16 “Modern Hunters” Collection

Another day, another top lookbook from another top brand, and this time it’s Iamisigo taking our breath away with its brilliant Spring/Summer’16 collection, “Modern Hunters.”

According to the label, the range – presented in one of our favourite lookbooks to date – is inspired by the;

“…Celebrated history of Ghana and the place where it all started for us as a brand.


‘Sank)ofa’ – or sankofa – the Akan concept, where one must ‘reach back to the past and retrieve it’. ‘S3 wo w3r3 fi na wosank)fa a y3nkyi’ translates as ‘it is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten’.

To truly understand where we are going as a brand we took comfort and truly appreciated where we have been.”


The team behind Bubu Ogisi’s brand also explain that the collection, photographed for the lookbook by Diego Asamoa, pays homage to the “Modern Hunter” by looking at 17th century folktales about the Kente fabric, native to the Akan people of Ghana.

Iamisigo explains the tale playing muse and revealing the history of the fabric, saying;

“2 hunting brothers, Kweku and Ameyaw, discovered a spider weaving its web which continued to expand as the days went by… they transformed this into what we now know as the kente weaving machine, which has its own belief that a woman may not sit on this machine as it will make her barren.”

– adding that;

“If 2 brothers from the 17th century could come up with such a unique technique, it’s quite evident that fashion has, and will, continue to be a ‘hunting sport’.

ISIGOss16-93 (1)

With our SS’16, we focused on fabrics that would suit ‘the modern hunter’, focusing primarily on a lot of red …that represents the blood of the great Ghanaian ancestors.”

Iamisigo’s Spring/Summer’16 collection also features shoes and accessories for the first time ever, including a range of leather “Bandahene” neckpieces with welded warrior  heads in silver, gold, bronze and acid soaked metal – the shoes being a collaboration with Nigerian brand Ethniks.

 ISIGOss16bacs-19 ISIGOss16bacs-13

Team SPICE love the label’s new offering in its entirety, but see the rest of the lookbook – modelled by Leana Efia Apenteng, Bernice Boakye Yiadom – here below, and let us know if you’ll also join us and other “Modern Hunters” in seeking out Iamisigo’s Spring/Summer’16 collection, too.

ISIGOss16-100 (1) ISIGOss16-111 ISIGOss16-3 ISIGOSS16GLbrf-3 ISIGOSS16GLbrf-17 ISIGOss16-9 ISIGOss16-71 (2) ISIGOss16-58 (1) ISIGOss16-56 ISIGOss16-40 ISIGOss16-22 ISIGOss16-150 ISIGOss16-14 ISIGOss16-125 (1) ISIGOss16-12 (1) ISIGOss16-109 (1) ISIGOss16-10 ISIGOss16-6 (1)

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