Friday, December 8, 2023

Lookbook: SA Stylist & Milliner, Crystal Birch’s 2015 “Pom Pom” Collection

As we continue to ready ourselves for festival season, South African stylist and milliner Crystal Birch has been busying herself with a new range of headwear, dubbed the “Pom Pom” collection.

Revealed in a lookbook made up of Ricardo Simal’s double exposures – a series of images shot on film, and laid over eachother to create a brilliant, blurred double-catpure – the range includes all kinds of cool colour and texture that one might want to top their head with when trekking the fields in front of their favourite band’s stage.

The collection was created with ribbon, tinsel and – you guessed right – ribbon, amongst other textiles, and sees model Gara rocking the range in the lookbook, displayed here below.

Take a look at Crystal Birch’s 2015 “Pom Pom” collection and let us know which is your fave on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @SPICETVAFRICA.

Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-13-620x930 Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-1-620x930 Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-10-620x930 Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-8-620x930 Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-2-620x930 Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-4-620x930 Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-7-620x930 Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-3-620x930 Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-12-620x930 Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-11-620x930 Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-5-620x930 Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-6-620x930Crytal-Birch-Pom-Pom-Ricardo-Simal-2-620x930

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