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Lookbook: Kiara Kabukuru for Vlisco’s Brand New “Bloom” Collection

Vlisco – the luxury Dutch wax company producing West and Central Africa’s much-loved prints since 1846 – has released a fabulous new range of florals, aptly titled “Bloom,” enlisting Ugandan stunner Kiara Kabukuru as its face.

Featuring feminine prints with bold botanicals and boasting five new ‘powdery’ hues, the brand claims the collection is “a tribute to all your dreams and colourful adventures that made you blossom into the remarkable woman you are today.”

See it here, below;

Q2Bloom_ATL_Look15 Q2Bloom_ATL_Look14B Q2_2014_Mainimage07 Q2Bloom_ATL_Look16 Q2Bloom_ATL_Look12 Q2Bloom_ATL_Look13B Q2Bloom_ATL_Look13A Q2Bloom_ATL_Look11 Q2Bloom_ATL_Look10 Q2Bloom_ATL_Look09 Q2Bloom_ATL_Look08 Q2_2014_Mainimage09 Q2Bloom_ATL_Look07 Q2Bloom_ATL_Look06 Q2Bloom_ATL_Look05 Q2_2014_Mainimage02 Q2Bloom_ATL_Look04A Q2Bloom_ATL_Look04B Q2Bloom_ATL_Look03A Q2Bloom_ATL_Look03B Q2Bloom_ATL_Look02 Q2Bloom_ATL_Look01


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