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Q&A: Demi Grace

Born in a tradional Nigerian setting, Demi Grace – with her lovely glowing skin and svelte figure – has successfully wandered from modelling and acting, to music, opting to pursue a solo career as a recording artist and entertainer.

Demi lives by Peter Drucker’s statement, “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” and while out creating her very successful future, stopped by to take our quick Q&A…


SPICE: What does beauty mean to you?
Demi: Beauty, to me, is something that starts on the inside. Beauty is a phenomenon that comes soul deep; it’s in the soul of whomever or whatever holds it physically.

What is your day-to-day beauty routine?
From morning to night: If I don’t have to make an appearance or work, I don’t wear make-up. I like my face to breathe. Even if I have visitors, if I’m not leaving the house or making a grand entrance anywhere, I don’t wear make-up. I wash my face in the morning, moisturise my skin, put on make-up (foundation, blush, and mascara), do my hair – then at night, I wash the make-up off, moisturise my skin and wrap my hair.

Do you have a signature look?
When it comes to my signature make up look, less is more. I like to do very natural make up looks. My day to day make up look is mascara and a stained lip. If I have to be on camera or if I want to spice things up, my ‘go-to’ combinations are winged eyeliner and a bold lip colour, or lightly smoked eyes and a neutral lip; those are my go-to looks! When it comes to hair, I think I like to keep it simple as well. I love beach hair; I like disorganised, free flowing hairstyles. I don’t really try many looks with my hair but I am definitely beginning to open myself up for the challenge, especially with natural hair styles becoming more and more complex.

What would be your must-have beauty product?
I have to have all natural grape seed oil and TURA soap.

If we were to open your makeup bag, what other brands and products would we find?
You would find Make Up Forever, M.A.C., Cover Girl Queen Collection and Revlon.

What are your beauty dos and don’ts?
Do: wash your face morning and night. Don’t: wear make-up so much and often that you feel uncomfortable in your skin without it; wean yourself off of it if you are already at that point. Do: find a moisturiser that works with your skin type and use it day and night. Don’t: wear foundation over acne for prolonged periods of time – let your skin breathe.

Whose makeup do you always admire?
Although my taste for brands changes, I always circulate around these makers: M.A.C., Cover Girl and Revlon. M.A.C. has amazing blushes for my skin type. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad make up look on Naomi Campbell or Rihanna, I admire their makeup looks.

Can you please share an ‘oh no, I didn’t’ moment with us?
When I was younger, I would say about 12 years old, I was really displeased with my skin tone. I wasn’t in class with anyone darker skinned than I was, so I felt left out. When I discovered make up, I never wore my shade. I always wore a shade or two lighter than the colour I actually was. At one point my foundation started to look like it had an orange tint to it because it was so unmatched with my skin tone. I also used to do what I call ‘foundation eyebrows’ in high school with a concealer that was way too light for my skin and I didn’t know how to blend foundations and concealers back then, so it was bad. Yikes! ‘Oh no, I didn’t’ is right… I hope you all never find those pictures!


If you had to give just one beauty tip or piece of advice, what would it be?
Love yourself, care for your body, research what works for you and own it! You will feel and look beautiful, I promise.

What is your beauty fantasy?
My beauty fantasy would be to simply have skin that didn’t need a drop of foundation or concealer on or off camera, and eyelashes that didn’t need falsies or mascara.

If you could, what would you like to change in the beauty industry?
I would like to change the mentality of the beauty industry’s consumers. There are many beauty trends that are often unhealthy but because they are fast, they will become popular and people will do them. Health and long term results need to be the first priorities.

Image source: Demi Grace, Calvin Evans

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