Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Rihanna Launches New “RiRi” Fragrance

Last year it was edgy scent “Rouge Love” and a banned campaign ad, and this year, mega babe Rihanna has just announced her new fragrance, “RiRi.”

Revealing the news via Twitter, the singer posted a a campaign pic for the scent, telling followers;

“Ladies!!! It’s about that time!!! Brand new fragrance coming…. “RiRi”


The stunner sports her current flame (red hair) in loose waves, while the rest of her beauty look is sultry with brown, smoky eyes and pink lips – a Barbie-inspired look that matches the outfit she’s dolled up in, which includes a poofy, pink gown with matching gloves and a rack of pearls round her wrists.

While we wait for word on what the fragrance will smell like, Team SPICE is counting the numerous ventures the singer has got going at the moment, with her ambassadorship at Dior, creative directorship at Puma and her recent announcement that she’s adding fashion label to her roster (read about that here) apparently not keeping her busy enough.

We’ll be busying ourselves though, looking out for Rihanna’s new “RiRi” fragrance to become available to buy – and if her fashion credentials and campaign outfit is anything to go by, we reckon the bottle is going to be worth throwing cash at alone.

Image source: @Badgalriri

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