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Seven Street Style Trends From NYFW That Would Be In Our Faces

Fashion is nothing but recyclable trends, a trend that is in vogue today is nothing but a nostalgic moment from another era. We give it up to the people who sit down and recycle this trends, they do not only recycle it, they make it better.

We couldn’t help but notice that a lot of trends from so many eras were present at the New York Fashion Week Spring18 street style. This season in fashion would be an interesting one, that is only because this trends are about to make everyone looking the same in a different way and vibe.

Before further adue, we think you should know this and brace your self up because this battle is for the fashion fit. The question is, are you fashion fit? Try any of this trends, tag Spice Tv using the hash tag #myspicytrendyself and you might get a chance to feature in one of our shows,


Mules Are Here To Stay: The most comfortable versatile trend to ever resurface are mules, they comfortably took the place of blocked heel stilettos. If you do not own a pair, then you are in dire need of one ASAP. Some of the street style stars looked so dashing in different shades of mules.

street style fashion week street style fashion week

Futuristic Sunglasses: You can call them sci-fi, they give you that sophisticated look, an example of this type of sunglasses are the Balanciaga geometric sunglasses. If you want to look like a cool kid, brace your self up and get a pair.

trends for spring 2018 street style fashion week

Kitten Heels: Like it or not kitten heel is here to stay, we can not get over the fact that it has been widly accepted by a lot of fashionistas. Putting on this heel is as tho you were confused on whether to wear flats or heels, so you settled for something in between, which is not bad at all. When our mothers wore this heel we laughed at them, now we are paying tons of money to get it from Dior.

street style fashion week street style fashion week kitten heels

Avant Garde Clothing Is A Thing: Unusual  and experimental ideas on clothes have been a thing, but now it’s more than a thing, it seems to be the new age of fashion, a lot of street style stars had  on avant-garde off  the shoulder tops, and even deconstructed jeans paired with tops that looked like burger from McDonald.

street style fashion week street style fashion week street style fashion week

The Fanny Pack Is Here To Stay: We already made this clear, that the Jenner sisters set this trend going, Rihanna had her fair share of the trend but we can just give it up a little for the sisters. The fanny pack hung in almost every one at the NYFW Street style. It’s not your bucket bag or tote bag but it could take you on a date comfortably if you have no plans on taking change of clothes or extra toiletries.

fanny pack street style fashion week street style fashion week fanny pack street style fashion week

Get Used To Seeing The Glide Buckle Attachment As Belts And On Clothes: Yes Yes Yes!!! We are so here for this trend. Not only did Rihanna showcase this trend so effortlessly on the runway for Fenty but street style stars got the memo early and dressed up for the occasion.

street style fashion week street style fashion week street style fashion week street style fashion week street style fashion week

Modest Fashion Is Here To Stay: A lot of covered up clothes are gaining attention this season, people no longer see the need to overly expose their body parts, although the low rise jeans almost made this trend fade but we think it’s something that is here to stay and stay forever.

modest fashion street style fashion week modest fashion

High Platform Shoes: Taje Prest was spotted wearing this with Cardic B. If you are not so overly tall and you need to see above the shoulders of your peers, then get your self a pair.

street style fashion week

street style fashion week Street-Style-Fashion-Week

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