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SPICE Top 5 Baby Powder Beauty Hacks

Top 5 ways baby powder can save you from 911 beauty emergencies.

  1. Baby powder as a setting powder

baby powder for setting powder

Baby powder is an amazing substitute in the absence of your favorite branded setting powder. Apply it exactly how you would use your setting powder and allow it bake for 2-3 minutes. Dust off and continue with the rest of your make up routine. You would barely be able to tell the difference when you are done with your make up. And guess what: it doesn’t have flashback when you stand under artificial light.

  1. Baby powder for eye lash extension


In the absence of your favorite 3d mascara, you can use baby powder and an ordinary mascara to create the perfectly full lengthy eye lash you want.


Apply baby powder with a makeup brush on the tip of your lash, then comb it out with your regular mascara. Repeat this process about 3-5 times to get those dramatic long and full lashes you want to complete your look.

  1. Baby powder as a lipstick mattefyer


This easy trick makes your lipstick last all day. You will need; your regular lipstick, tissue paper and of course baby powder

How to?

  • Apply your normal lipstick on your lip
  • Separate your tissue paper and place one of the transparent slips above your mouth, add the baby powder with a blending brush on top of the tissue paper
  • Repeat this process for about 3-5 times for best results


  1. Baby powder for soft radiant skin and acne prevention

The White Woman

Baby powder can be applied on the face and arms every night, just before bed, to give your skin a soft refreshing feel and also fights and prevents acne.

  1. Baby powder as an aftershave

2-Razor baby powder for setting powder

Apply baby powder after waxing shaving any part of your body. It serves as a cool and refreshing aftershave for both men and women.

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