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#SpiceFact|The Difference Between A Lookbook And A Campaign Shoot.

Fashion just seems to be complicated, too many terms with similar meanings, hence you won’t reproof  the less enlighten designers when they misuse these terms(but that’s not an excuse to be ignorant about the field you work in).

Look book and Campaign shot are often used in the same context by some designers, designers release a Look book and name it SS/17 Campaign collection, when in fact it’s not a Campaign, some go as far as running social media campaigns for their look books and calling it Editorial or Campaign shot.

 Guccis campaign shot

We need to state this clearly, the use of certain words does not make your brand appear bigger than it is, it only shows that you do not carry out proper research and it makes you look less serious and not ready for the global stage. Enough of the ass whopping, let’s get straight to the intricate definitions of these terms.

A Lookbook was originally used by a designer preparing for a runway show but in recent times that definition does not entirely depict the meaning of the term. Unlike a product page or catalogue which are used to convey utilitarian information like price, color, and size, Lookbooks are meant to excite and inspire the viewer.

lookbook collection

Lookbooks don’t only showcase clothes to consumers but it also portrays how this pieces can be styled or suggesting products that can be paired with the pieces, it also incorporates the seasons latest trends in the collection. Sometimes, you find a dress you love and aren’t sure what to pair it with to get the most stylish look possible. 

lookbook collection 2018

A Fashion Lookbook will match that dress with a cape, jewelry and shoes for both casual and more formal occasion allowing you to get a picture of what a completed look for your dress will be. We want you to always remember that a Lookbook is the designers vision for her collection, it also sometimes showcases the brands aesthetic and more attention is paid more on the clothes and fabrics than the looks of the models and the shoot set.

In summary,Lookbook is just the clothing styled in a nice way so buyers can see it in a catalogue.To read more on Lookbook, click HERE.

lookbook collection ss/18

A fashion Campaign on the other hand is for one reason and one reason only, that reason is to sell the image of the brand and convey a message or the inspiration behind the collection. If you put in lot of efforts into your lookbook collection, you need more efforts to have a campaign that would be mind blowing. Campaigns always comes with a story line.

fashion campaigns

A campaign shoot must have a theme, for instance the Guccis Sci-fi Campaign for autumn/winter 2017 was a wonderfully made 60’s sci-fi fantasy. We could see all that from the pictures even before reading the brief. A fashion Campaign also lures your target audience to you by the dramatic display of your collection, props, set used, models, makeup and lots more are huge factors in having the perfect campaign shoot.

fashion campaigns

In summary, if you are not a creative thinker, we employ you to consult the services of one, you can’t do everything by your self. Always remember that pictures speak louder than words, get a fantastic photographer/videographer that will portray your vision properly and make your products look great, otherwise all your efforts would be fruitless. And lastly, please do not plagiarize the campaign of other designers, it’s great to get inspiration but don’t copy them out rightly.


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