Friday, June 2, 2023

Toyin Lawani Celebrates Her 30th Birthday in Style with These New Pics!

Celebrity stylist, designer and mother, Toyin Lawani is turning 30 this year, and has revealed exactly how she feels about it by showing off a new set of stylish photos and talking about her “multimillionaire empire.”

Ms Lawani took to Instagram to post a series of images, showing herself all dressed up in a lavish gele look (designed, styled and captured her own brands Elegante by Tiannah Styling and Tiannah Photo Studios), announcing;

“I set trends, I don’t follow, I’m a princess by birth, I was born into wealth, but I made my own way, relying on the wealth of your family is weakness.

Go out there, DON’T LET THEM TELL [YOU] WHAT THEY WANT [YOU] TO BE. A lot Don’t believe when they see me work with my hands, but it gives me joy when I do my work with my hands, even with the fact that I have 40 staffs, it gives me Joy.


…I don’t pretend to be what I’m not, I don’t act like I don’t shit. I eat my Eba with my hands. A lot of celebs let fame get into their heads and meanwhile they have nothing. Empty barrel makes the loudest noise. Work hard what [you] deserve will definitely come to you one day.

Talent is the only thing any human can’t take from [you], focus and build yourself up. I started my business with 150k from a small shop –  now I run a multimillionaire empire, with 20 businesses under it.


Did I think I would get there? Hell yeah, I worked for it and still working at it. What [you] work for is what [you] will get. Stay focused and don’t let opinions of haters stop [you] …With just believing in yourself, you can rule the world, so far [as] your talent is real.

Happy birthday to me.”

Team SPICE love the dark yet ethereal makeup look the designer employed, as well as the accompanying motivational caption.

But let us know what you think, and join us in wishing Toyin Lawani a very Happy Birthday, with your comments below or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

Image source: @Tiannahsplacempire

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