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#Tuesday10: Lessons in Style from the 2015 MTV VMAs

Did you catch the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards? Yes, there was a lot to take in in terms of style…

And, while we’re thinking all things ‘Fashion’ this September, what with the start of Fashion Weeks worldwide soon to take place, we were thankful to learn from the many triumphs and mistakes that stars took to the red carpet.

See below the 10 most prolific lessons in style we learned and let us know what you took away from the event, too.

1. There is No Such Thing as a Stupid Outfit

As the night’s host, Miley Cyrus has proved (relentlessly, via her own wardrobe, and once again on stage at the VMAs), there really isn’t such a thing as a ridiculous outfit, or a friend in the world that can tell you, “No, girl – that’s too much.”

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The fearless star stepped out in a series of outlandish looks, including a metallic, chest-baring number, a bugglegum pink pvc bodysuit with giant letters pinned to it, a glittering, multicoloured jumpsuit, a perspex dress with pom pons covering her modesty, and a set of dreadlocks accessorising them all.


So, next time you’re about to head out in something your mates have previously said “looks silly,” maybe take a leaf out of Miley’s book and “DO IT…”



2. Chesticles are… for Everyone

When it comes to cleavage, apparently it’s for everyone – no matter the time of day, the event, channel or role model it’s making an appearance on.


From stars like rapper Nicki Minaj and model Lily Aldridge, to starlets Rita Ora and the aforementioned rebellion that is Miley Cyrus, chest – and lots of it – was a key trend on the red carpet, with many celeb cleavages rivalling Kim’s, who stepped out in a rather demure look in comparison.


And, while many have taken to Twitter and comments boxes online to express their distaste at the amount of female skin on show at the event (explaining that children will have been left with a bad impression of female dressing), it seems that as far as the red carpet is concerned, nobody cares; Chesticles are for everyone to see and see everyone’s, we did…



3. Same Goes for Skin in General

Actually, it wasn’t just boobs out on the red carpet but skin in general, with some stars getting it right and others not so much…



The best of the bunch went for sheer coverings and cutouts on exotic gowns that at least looked artistic or expensive, with FKA Twigs, actress Serayah plus stars Ciara and Chrissy Teigen doing the near-nude thing in a way we could understand – with coverings of lush fringe, mesh and lace, for a seductive and lavish look.




Not necessarily a lesson we’d apply to an office party, but we’re sure there’s a time and a place for this in our lives, somewhere…

4. If You CBA, Go Casual

Ok, we can relate – there are times we need to make it to an event but just can not be arsed with the whole ‘dressing to impress’ situation.

But, if Kanye West, Tyga, and Pharrell and his missus have taught us anything, it’s that casual-wear can find a home on the red carpet, too.


The infamously under-dressy Mr and Mrs Williams have hit lists before with their super-comfy ‘Don’t Give AF About Dresscode’ outfits, this time rocking matching double denim and chunky lace-ups.


Rapper Tyga also kept things typically low-key with shorts, a tee and cap, and it’s like Kanye knows that we’re all looking at Kim anyway, so it doesn’t matter that he wants to wear a pair of beige, loose-fit pyjamas.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.48.36

So maybe next time you find yourself so not in the mood to make an impression at a party, you should just head out in your loungewear and tell people, “Deal with it.”

5. Get Gold

The colour of the night though? Had to have been gold, if of course you were ignoring the multi-hued numbers Ms Miley was spied in.

kylie-jenner kim-kardashian-vmas-inline

From Kim Kardashian-West and her mini-me sis Kylie Jenner, to Nicki Minaj, Miguel and pop veteran Britney Spears, gold ensembles stood out as one of the more tame trends on the event’s red carpet.

britney-spears-2015-mtv-vmas-red-carpet-getty-original2__iphone_320 vmas-2015-32


Not just one of the most sensible outfit ideas from the 2015 MTV VMAs but one to put into our wardrobes for the Autumn/Winter’15 season too.

6. In Fact, Just Make it Metallic

Whether it be gold, silver or multi-coloured, the thing to do apparently (and a big trend for Autumn/Winter’15) is a metallic.

hbz-vma-cara-d vmas_red_carpet_taylor-swift

As proved by  model Cara Delevigne, Taylor Swift and many more on the night, a glittering, shiny ensemble is the way to be seen shimmying into an event, so do be sure to stock up on sequins, beads and glossy, metallic garments for your season of outings this Fall.

7. Say Something

Another great use of clothing is to make a statement, express something about yourself or tell others what’s in your heart – and we’ll leave you to guess which Amber Rose and her model bestie, Blac Chyna were doing with these ensembles;



The beautifully-bodied pair turned heads in their “Hoe, Slut, Gold Digger, Stripper, Bitch”-covered outfits (see more on what they were about, here), while rapper Wale just wanted to make sure we all knew who he was…


We think we’ll stick to a simple name tag at most though…

8. Hair Cuts Can Kill It

A key lesson we learned from the 2015 VMAs is that hair really can make or break an outfit (or a career), so you’d best put as much effort into your tresses as you do the rest of your wardrobe. 

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Take for example Justin Beiber’s newly-revealed ‘do, which has sparked many a disapproving meme online – our favourite being this one;


Aussy actress Rebel Wilson kinda had us on edge too, with her early 2000s-style hair that came poker straight and dipped in pink dye…


And Miley’s dreads? Yeh, pretty dreadful…


One might be warned to take extra care with their hair when stepping out to the next event, as it’s well worth staying fly from every strand on your head, to your tippy toe if you want to be talked about in a good way the next day.

9. Stick to by Your Makeup Signatures

In fact, when it comes to beauty, you’re better to stick with your tried, tested and trusted signatures; the lipstick you know suits your complexion, the hairstyle that always piles in the compliments and the eye makeup that you draw on effortlessly, without so much as a smudge.


Not only will you reduce your anxiety, pre-event stress and the chances of falling flat in the style stakes, but you’ll be comfortable in your skin and therefore feel great – just take FKA Twigs’ lead (the star wearing her signature septum ring), and that of Cara Delevigne (hello, much-worn side-part and bold brows) and Vanessa Hudgens (who wore her hair in her staple boho waves).

gallery-1440986196-hbz-vma-beauty-vanessa hbz-vma-beauty-cara hbz-vma-beauty-chrissy-teigen

Even Chrissy Teigen was spied with her signature smoky eye, looking like a total sultress in the look she has had nailed for time.

Got a makeup go-to in your bag? Pull it out at the next big event you’re headed to and you’ll not have put a hair or lash out of place.

10. Show it All Off on Social Media

And lastly, while we know it’s unlikely your event will be broadcast to the world and make headlines everywhere, you can show off your hard wardrobe work via social media – just like the stars who attended the VMAs.




From Chrissy Teigen’s kitchen snack selfie, to Miley’s backstage group shots (see our how-to on group selfies, here), plus Serayah’s pre-show skin prep and model-actress Charlotte McKinnie’s shoefie, you’ve plenty of opportunity to snap your outfit and show how you’ve taken on board the lessons the MTV VMAs taught us about getting dressed.


But what did you learn about style from the event? Tell us your thoughts on the outfits, fun and fashion at the 2015 MTV VMAs in the comments box below or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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