Friday, December 8, 2023

#Tuesday10: Star Pics from the #SPICEHauteParty Photo-Booth!

By now you’ve probably seen pictures from our SPICE Haute Party with Cointreau-Fizz and MAC Cosmetics – our two year anniversary party, themed a ‘Toast to the Tastemakers’.

But you haven’t seen these – the fun snaps of stars and guests from our pool party photo-booth…

Here are some of the best shots, including pouty group pics from Juliet Ibrahim, photobombing by Temi Dollface and Sisiano’s cheeky grin.

1. Ezinne Chinkata’s Cute Kissy Face

Top stylist, store owner and blogger Ezinne is no stranger to a photoshoot and immediately found her angle at the party picture booth.

Better still for us though, she threw a cheeky kissy lip in our direction, too. Mwah!

2. Uti N’s Toast

So what fun would a ‘Toast to the Tastemakers’ be without a bit of booze, courtesy of Cointreau-Fizz?

And, while cocktails continued to flow throughout the night, Uti made sure to mark the occasion (our two year anniversary on the DStv platform) with a raised glass (or two), and we had a great time clinking glasses with him. Cheers, Uti!


3. Yetunde Shode’s Shared Selfie

How cute are Yetunde Shode and her pal sharing a sweet selfie at the SPICE Haute Party?

We love how the pair appear to be checking and co-ordinating each other’s selfie faces, pre-pose. And the final shot? #Nailed it.


4. Temi Dollface’s Photoshoot Photobomb

This is pretty much what happens when you try and take a selfie when your mates are about, as this stylish guest found out while being photobombed by Temi Dollface.

Showing us how to serve face while gate-crashing the lens, the talent pretty much turned this solo selfie into a group photoshoot, working every angle and accessory while at it!

5. Sisiano Paolo’s Silly Selfie

With a turn out that included fashion’s finest, of course we weren’t surprised to find talented designer Sisiano Paolo of Sisiano in the crowd at our ‘Toast to the Tastemakers’ party.

This tastemaker kept his photo session light, with a peace sign and a silly face. Basically channeling our mood and the good vibes of the night!

6. Juliet Ibrahim’s Girl Gang Selfie

So, when Juliet Ibrahim comes through the party with her posse, you know she’s going to have fun. Especially if there’s a photo booth about, apparently.

Love these shots ladies! It looks like the whole gang had a giggle at the SPICE Haute Party…

7. Buchi Akpati, Blowing Kisses

Buchi Akpati came out looking super pretty for the night, so we were especially pleased to see her blowing us a kiss via the photo booth.

A kiss from a gorgeous girl at our second anniversary party? What a great way to remember the evening.

8. Tomi Thomas

So while Tomi Thomas’ mini shoot in the booth looks like it was a little disrupted (no doubt by another banger dropping, courtesy of Crowd Control’s set), we had to include his pics because of his super cool style.

Love that shirt Tomi – a pretty chic pick for our poolside party!

9. Elaine Shobanjo Throwing Beyonce Shapes

Makeup artist Elaine Shobanjo knew what she was doing when she stepped in front of the booth at our soiree – serving not just a well beat face, but a whole lot of body, too.

We suspect the beauty talent has been taking her cues from Queen Bey, as she was snapped looking the epitome of ‘girl running the world’. Work it!

10. Whitney Madueke’s Peace Pose

And lastly, we loved blogger Whitney Madueke’s classic ‘peace’ pose (and her radiant smile – just wow), which she threw up to the lens at our event.

The selfie stance pretty much summed up our mood as the night came to a close: we came, we saw, we danced, we drank, talked style to death and then went home happy. Deuces!

But did you attend our SPICE Haute Party, a ‘Toast to the Tastemakers’? Share your best party pics with us by tagging us @SPICETVAFRICA and using the hashtag #SPICEHauteParty!

Image source: for SPICE TV

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