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10 Beauty Resolutions to Make Immediately

Yes, 2016 is upon us already and it’s a beautiful thing – an excuse to say ‘no more’ to the bad habits of the past 365 days and prepare for a better, brighter, hair, makeup and skincare-savvier you.

Below are the vows we’ve making for the year ahead. Take a look and see if they match your New Year beauty resolutions, too…


1. First, Let’s Accept Coconut Oil Isn’t a Cure-All Remedy

In fact, we’ll even go as far as admitting we find it can be a little drying on our hair…

But! The wonder-oil is great for most situations, like hydrating skin, reviving our nails when used on our cuticles and removing makeup, like those annoying little dots of mascara we get on our eyelids while coating our lashes. Or what about when we’re applying liner and the flick turns out more FFS? Well, you can coconut oil that B and continue your fabulous day.


Will it make everything in 2016 alright though? Best keep a few other products on hand. We read online somewhere that F***boi repellent is going to be big this year….

2. We WILL Try Going Au Natural

And where coconut oil leaves off, you might want to try going au natural elsewhere – and we’re not talking about hair (a whole other debate for a whole other time), though good luck if you’re on or just beginning that journey! We’re talking about more natural products for the skin, hair and nails – a movement that’s been a thing for a long while now.


But the hype is well-earned, with our skin loving man-made oils and chemicals a tad less than those gifted to us by Mother Earth, and many top brands have even incorporated at least a product or two to make the most of natural goods’ rise in popularity.



If you want to give it a go, but with African brands? Well, there’s plenty of companies out there with something to offer, thoughTeam SPICE particularly love the recently opened AJALI spa and store in Lekki 1, Lagos – pop in and pick out something for your hair or skin.

3. Thou Shall Embrace Trends

And this time we’re talking hair and makeup. Because why the heck not? There’s a lot to gain from trial and error, and you may well discover a whole ‘new’ (looking) you.



Being seen in the latest beauty looks is also easier to do than you’d think, what with runway models more or less having mapped out where everything should go (lips here, eyes there, a pony tail on top et voila!) and a vast number of tutorials exist online, made by top makeup pros and beauty bloggers alike.

Take inspiration from the catwalks, magazines or your favourite celebrity or social media star, then get painting your face for fun in your downtime, so that you know exactly what you’ll be doing when the red carpet, party or dinner date is calling.

4. No More Sleeping in One’s Makeup

Please! Just stop this if it’s you and save your skin from all the grief it goes through. Like, imagine having lived with a layer of product (or products, depending on how deep your face beat) for an entire day, and then a night, with no time to breath? Yuck.

Rumour has it some ladies will even apply a new layer of makeup the following day, like a top up, which sounds as gross as your skin must feel.

Be more Ajak. The model sharing a fresh-faced selfie from her bed

No matter how long the day, how fun the party, how tired your eyes, or ‘minimal’ your beauty look was – please, invest in a nightly cleansing routine that removes impurities before your skin starts to look damaged and weary before it’s time. Your pillow will thank you immediately and you’ll thank us as soon as you see a change for the better in your complexion.

Unless of course pimples and wrinkles is the look you’re going for, in which case ignore us and go be your own #goalsAF.


5. Water. Drink More.

A good way to get your skin singing though? Your daily water intake, which should be eight glasses (or 2 litres, to be precise) to maintain optimum hydration levels and produce results you will see.

Because really, no matter how adept your makeup artist, how beat your face is, or even how magical your expensive or all-natural moisturiser may be, hydration from the inside is vital and will be visible on the out. And dry skin? That shows through even the dewiest of foundation – especially when wrinkles set in.

Model Joan Smalls sharing part of her smart beauty/lifestyle routine

End the drought! Drink more water! We promise, you’ll look and feel better for it 365days from now! And that hashtag #NoFilter? You’ll be able to use it, without lying.

6. Find SPF & Go Slather

Do you live in a sunlit area? To be more precise: Do you live anywhere that has a daytime? Well then friend, you need an SPF.

Anytime your skin is exposed to the sun, light penetrates the surface and can affect your skin cells, ageing layers that aren’t yet visible to the eye. Damage can include sunspots, wrinkles and in other cases growths (cancerous or otherwise), and if that’s not a look or life you’re about, you should think seriously about including a product with an SPF in your beauty regime.


Slather the stuff on your face and body – anywhere that the sun might find – and don’t forget your ears! Also note: even if it’s cloudy out or the sky’s looking grey, sunlight and sun rays are still piling down from above and meeting your skin, so that SPF? Still very much needed.

A decent start would be Hawaiian Tropic’s SPF 30 lotion, N2,000 here.

7. Thou Shalt TRY to Stop Using Words Like ‘On Fleek’

In the group chat, IRL and on the internet. Except, it is still very catchy and we will forgive anyone finding it hard to let go of the phrase.


Please do try to forgive us if in 2016 we’re caught slipping. Currently seeking: A new phrase that can be applied to anything and make it better. A little like coconut oil.

8. We Will Re-Evaluate Our Eyebrows

So this situation with our brows… Let’s take a moment to consider them for 2016.


We are all for a trend (see above, point 3) but this flat-to-the-skin and lined-with-a-perimeter look? We can’t let this continue into the New Year, can we?

Brows can be bolder (do fill them in), they can be bushier (fluff them up with a gel) and by all means, correct their shape (draw short lines briskly at the front, to mimic actual hairs, then fill in at the arch and if necessary, elongate the tail) – but do you need to create a fade effect with your liner, like the brow is magically, gradually appearing? Need they be so slicked down they appear like an oil smudge across your forehead?



Does one need to draw a box around the eyebrows with a liner, to show us it is there?

Uh-uh honey. Please, not this year. Here’s a tutorial from us that may just save you.

9. Find a Sounding Board

And make it consist of both sexes because your bestie might say “go for it” but a guy will tell you straight if he doesn’t understand what you’ve put on your face. If your goal is to meet a life mate? This sounding board you’ve set up might therefore be very helpful.


Failing that, why not talk to the pros? Head to your nearest spa or salon and talk all day about your skin, hair and nails, with their expert and honest advice ready to point you in the right direction – whether it’s towards the right type of cleanser, the perfect shade of lipstick or the hairstyle to stop wearing and save your tresses.

Trust us, a little feedback is worth your time and you might discover the ‘new’ you is just one less layer of foundation away.

10. Treat Yourself

Better still, why not treat yourself to a pampering session, where professionals will do all the perfecting for you?

Sure, DIY is satisfying and easier on the pocket, but DNY (Doing Nothing Yourself) is just as rewarding, and way more relaxing.


We’re not saying you should throw out your comb, employ a glamsquad and be done with doing beauty yourself (that would actually take some of the fun of hair and makeup away, non?). We are saying that from time to time, why not indulge in a little respite by checking in for a day at the spa or salon and let the experts take care of things.

First on Team SPICE’s agenda? The newly-opened Vane boutique, where our nails are going to leave looking on fleek really nice.


But what are your plans for 2016? Tell us your New Year beauty resolutions in the comments box below, or online by tagging us @SPICETVAFRICA.

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