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10 Top Blogs for Trendy Mothers

As many have proved, becoming a mum does not mean you have to give up on looking stylish and chic – even though, from running after your toddlers, picking up toys from random corners of your house, to catching up with work and a lot more, it’d be way easier to drop the ball with your fashion game.

Here to salvage your style, there are a few bloggers out there who have made it their duty to ensure you have all the top tips and trends at your finger tips – ready and waiting for you when your little one has nodded off and you’ve finished catching up on everything else demanding your attention.


Here below, in honour of Mother’s Day and our inspiration for March, we have rounded up the five best blogs for to shape up mums’ style. Take a look and let us know your favourite sites too.

1. What Mommy Wore


First up is a blog we continued to love since we first got to know the author, Tanaka here.

A great digital source of inspo for fashionista mums, What Mommy Wore is the virtual diary of a Britain-based stylist and mother of two – a site filled with style pointers for kids and mothers.

Winsor0133 IMG_0106

The blog proves that that being a parent doesn’t mean the end of looking fabulous, with Tanaka sharing her tips on how to keep the entire family with  fashion-forward decisions, as demonstrated on her cuties Morayo-Hope and Judah.


There are also stylish trips to go on with the Sotinwa family, as the blog also documents Tanaka’s trips to places like Paris, Zimbabwe and Nigeria and the wardrobe that made it across the pond with her too. Team SPICE say mums are sure to have fashionable adventures with this blog.

2. The Hive


A blog started by two industry veterans, fashion journalist Melissa Magsaysay, and Jimmy Choo’s director of entertainment relations Sara Riff, The Hive is the curated for busy mothers with a very stylish side.

While it most definitely offers a unique approach to exploring the elusive work-life-wardrobe “balancing act” that mothers search for, with its fun, informative and authoritative content, the site also blends fashion, beauty, shopping and motherhood all into a space that inspires in a similar way to other blogsites, enjoyed by stylish women who aren’t necessarily parents.


There’s a lot on where to find stylish solutions for mothers and their children, and Team SPICE loving the “Bump Diary” column on pregnancy, and reckon The Hive is like a safe haven for the chic, multi-tasking moms and mothers-to-be – but take a look and see what you think.

3. Awed by Monica


Get your fill of all things fashionable and super stylish on this blog managed by Monica Awe-Etuk, a Canadian-Nigerian stylista living in Atlanta, Georgia.

The beauty has a degree in the business of fashion, plus 15 years of experience working in the high end fashion industry, but as a wife and mother of two, her impeccable sartorial sense shines.


Monica offers authentic fashion tips for mums who, like her, celebrate and have a love for fashion and style, and through Awed by Monica, she shows us how to work with what is already in our closets and mix it with what is hot and new.


Enjoy the beautiful still life shots and plethora of styling ideas.

4. Advanced Style


Grandmas too can win with their wardrobes! And this site, Advanced Style is perfect for mothers who are of an advanced age, too.

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A brilliant blog that proves fashion is for everyone, no matter their lifespan, Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen is dedicated to the style and stories of the silver-haired set, showing positive images of ageing with an aim to inspire society to change their perceptions of growing older.

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Featuring dazzling street style snaps of stylish seniors, the story of the blog has recently been turned into a book and also a documentary. Visit the site and see if you’re inspired to document your motherly wardrobe too.

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5. DeeMako


Mothers play a key role in forming a child’s fashion sense, and for Desola Oluwakemi Mako, founder of the DeeMako blog, she cannot stress it enough – crediting her mum for her love of fashion.

The style enthusiast is based in Lagos, Nigeria and with her blog, she tries to prove that being original, razz, broke and stylish is a thing.


Her blog offers both a view of her personal style and some e-commerce, by selling a mix of African-produced and African-inspired brands.


While Desola’s style is forever evolving, eclectic, random, unpredictable and easy, it basically is a fashion and lifestyle blog for real people, living on a normal budget.

6. The Fashionable Housewife

Although not strictly about clothing – it’s about “navigating marriage and motherhood, fashionably” – The Fashionable Housewife blog has a very detailed section on fashion and style, for moms and their tots!


The content is directed to housewives and moms who want to look good, but are not necessarily keen on spending a lot – like a fashion and lifestyle blog for everyday mothers who don’t necessarily have an unending budget.


From outfit ideas and seasonal fashion tips, to clues on the new must-haves and dressing to fit your body shape, this is perfect for the everyday mother. There’s also a heap full of DIYs, tips on health, fitness and planning for special occasions, like wedding days, Christmas and birthdays.

7. Jadore-Fashion

Mixing stripes and jeans, www.jadore-fashion.com_8139

Chances are, if you follow fashion blogs in Nigeria, you’ve heard of Jadore-Fashion – a site created by Stella Uzoamka, a shy fashionista who uses her  webspace as an outlet to express her love for fashion and style.

The blog offers both an editorial view of Nigerian style and a ‘shop’ section, featuring a mix of Nigerian-produced and African-inspired brands.

khaki green, chunky sweater, leopard print. www.jadore-fashion.com_8986

We at SPICE love it and thinks it serves up the mother of all things style, Jadore-Fashion personal style blog that showcases the blogger’s wardrobe evolution, with followers treated to daily outfit posts, current obsessions and lifestyle tips. But they also get insight into trends, runaway analysis and editorials,so makes a great source of inspiration for fashionista mums who are keen on keeping up on their fashion knowledge too.

8. Mama Is Haute


The personal diary of a mother who works in fashion and travels the world, Mama is Haute is the the ultimate curation of jet-set and fashionable motherhood.

The blog by travelling fashion worker, Grace Sun places its main focus on trends and high fashion, hinting on wardrobe icons and the classics you can call on, which never go out of fashion.


While perfect for classy, fashion-obsessed moms, it also explores the concept of being comfortable with who you are and what you wear; not being afraid to show who you are regardless of the journey you’re on.

img_1943 odin

Here you will also find styling ideas, go-to gear, multitasking secrets, and incredible DIYs. Oh and the blog also shares tid bits from fashion shows and gives a hit of fashion news.

9. Nhncouture


The perfect blog for the everyday Nigerian mother who has a love for Nigerian-inspired items, Nhncouture is a fashion blog and shopping site run by fashion designer, Nkechi Harry Ngonad.

The site directly targets housewives and mums who want to look good, but are keen on modesty as well, while promoting garments designed by Ms Ngonad.



Featuring dazzling style snaps of the blogger in stylish traditional apparel, the blog offers good inspiration for viewers looking to find the perfect look for a Nigerian wedding, Aso-ebi, and other formal events. And, although it’s not strictly about haute fashion, this blog has a very detailed section on fashion and style.

10. Wearing it Today


And lastly, another great blog for stylish mothers who are keen on keeping up with the trends, Wearing it Today gives mums a peek into the wardrobe of a stylist who has gorgeous style, a cute toddler, a beautiful home and who always looks great.

The blog is a great guide for moms as it answers to a whole lot of “Where’s can I get that?” and also creates an opportunity to share brilliant finds and styling tips, plus seek out inspiration that moms can make their own.


Great for offering a twist no the classics, top marks are due for the weekly “Mama Friday” posts, as well as the beauty know-how.


But which are your favourite blogs? Tell us which mother bloggers are your favourites, below in the comments box or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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