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10 Bits of Tech to Totally Up Your Fitness Game

As we gear up for Summer fun (read: frolicking along a beach somewhere) we aren’t about to play when it comes to our fitness. It’s time to get trim and tone up for real!

Below are a few bits of tech that’ll totally up your gym regime, from minor accessories to seriously smart kit – so swat up, get shopping then sweating!

1. Super Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphones


If you are the type who loves to enjoy music while working out, you already understand how uncomfortable a wired set of earphones can be, and how quickly a low-quality pair of earbuds can ruin the work out.

These Super Mini Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earbud Earphones are not only stylish, but they fit securely to your ears, and connect via Bluetooth to all brands of phone. Better still, they can connect to any two phones at same time, in case you’re the type to listen to music, workout and take business calls at the same time…

Find yours for ₦2,930, here.

2. Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband


Fitness trackers are all the rage, but a reliable one to try is Fitbit’s Wireless Wristband, which comes highly recommended for daily use.

The stylish yet functional accessory will help you record your progress at the gym, and is a slim device that won’t disrupt your workout. It also automatically recognises when your gym session has begun, and tracks steps, distance and calories burned before presenting your progress against your daily goals.

The cincher for us is the fact you can wear this bit of tech in the shower post workout, and how it syncs wireless- buy one here (N69,101) and try it out for yourself.


3.  Mira’s Smart Bracelets


Ladies, are you looking for a pretty activity tracker that will fit with your sleek day-to-day wardrobe too?

Well, the new Mira Vivid Wellness Collection includes a range of beautifully designed items that will look like you’ve shopped them at a jewellery store; the sort of stuff that will work alongside your work or evening wardrobe, incase you want to track your calorie burning while in the office or on the dance floor.

Available in a variety of metals, including gold and rose gold, your next best accessory buy will cost you $99 here.

4. New Balance’s “Vazee Summit” Running Shoes


No matter how lovely or how ‘flashy’ your gym outfit is, it will never be complete without a pair of comfortable running shoes.

The “Vazee Summit” trainers from New Balance features an attractive and sleek design using FantomFit technology that hugs your foot; Rockstop plate and Toe Protect technology to help keep debris out of your shoes; as well as a breathable mesh upper to help you stay cool throughout your workout and REVlite cushioning to put a spring in your step.

Find your well-balanced pair of trainers for $99.95 here.

5. Lumo Run


Do you do your running outside of the gym? Then you’ll probably love the Lumo Run shorts and capris, which have an actual tracker inside their lining!

As you’re running, you’ll get coaching tips sent to your phone in real time, advising how to improve your form. Smart shorts or what?

Watch the video below and then pre-order yours here for $99.

6. Nike ‘Fury’ Headband


Functionality meets fashion here with this small accessory.

If you love a cohesive gym look, Nike’s “Fury” print tapered Dri-Fit headband is the perfect tool for keeping your flyaway hair in place and sweat off your face – all the while keeping you looking chic.

The stretchy training headband is cut from moisture-wicking Dri-FIT fabric, so ensures to keep you looking cool and feeling dry during even hardest of workouts.

Just $18 here.

7. Adjustable Armband Phone Holder


Of course, having to hold your phone while working out is the most annoying thing ever. Hence, if you don’t already have one, this adjustable armband phone holder is a bit of life saver.

The holder is universal so fits all brands of phones, and also comes in different colours to ensure a super stylish time while jogging, walking, biking or working it out at the gym.

Find yours for N2,000 here.

8. Smooves’ Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Does your plastic water bottle start to smell after a while? Does it fail to keep water cool and refreshing while you’re at the gym?

Well Smooves’ stainless water bottle promises to keep water chilled for hours, and being stainless steel, is easy to clean and without that weird, rubbery smell that can occur with plastic bottles.

Try it and note the difference yourself – N1,800 (on sale) here.

9. Fitbit’s “Aria” Scales


Want to keep track of all the progress you’ve made in terms of fitness and diet though? Well, the aforementioned Fitbit bracelet has an accessory, with the brand’s “Aria” wifi-using scales keeping you well informed of your body.

Not just dealing in weight, the scales will also monitor your BMI and body fat percentage, and for up to seven people too – meaning you can rope your household in on your regime.

The data is uploaded via your WiFi and can made viewed online or from within a free iPhone app.

Try it, from £71.18 here.

10. The Truppr App


Don’t want to work out alone? Well, why not try the Truppr app, which helps fitness fiends find new work out friends and venues to go to, to get their exercise on?

The brain child of Bosun Tijani, the app “aims to simplify and make fitness an attractive lifestyle” by simplifying the process of organising amateur sporting events and teammates.

Easy to use, you don’t even have to think local either, with the app being a one-stop shop for finding and booking sporting venues in cities around the world, so while you’re away (on holiday, on a business trip, in South African even, for SAMW?), you’ve no excuse to skip that leg sesh.

Find out more info and download it here.

But how are you keeping fit this Summer? You can always join us every morning from 5am, weekends at 5m and 10am for Work It Out here’s a few sessions to get you going.

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