Sunday, October 1, 2023

17-Year-Old Uses Faces As Her Art Canvas.

You don’t have to be an art lover before you appreciate the talent scattered across the globe, just one glance at a piece of art can brighten your mood throughout the day. We appreciate the long hours, patience, craft and dedication put into creating a piece. Be it on a canvas, on a tarred road or even a face.

When twitter user @miamalikx1 shared pictures of a breath taking art piece she made on the face of her muse, she had us questioning what the world did to deserve such a talented young lady. The 17 year- old has a couple of her work posted on twitter and Instagram, where she also shares details of how the art work was brought to life.


mila face painting


One of our favorites is a freehand painting of a scene from a Disney movie, which she brought to life by spending 11 long hours painting on half of a face. We can only dare to imagine what it takes to paint a perfect picture on your face, but we won’t go without appreciating the young lady’s talent and also hope to hear of her exhibition sometime in the nearest future.

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