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2 Exciting Instagram Trends to Keep Track of In 2021

2 Exciting Instagram Trends to Keep Track of In 2021

As it is in the case of most social media platforms, trends move fast on Instagram and have been speeded up by the events that took place this year. Being in the know about what is trending is important as it helps you from arriving too early or late on the bandwagon. 

Knowing what is trending in today’s faster-than-ever-before business climate will be hard and is why being flexible and informed will help and why we’re sharing two trends with you.

Stories are becoming more important than posts

Stories on Instagram have become very popular across the world and over 500 million viewers every day, as they have become a great way to keep tabs on friends and family. On stories, you can see what restaurants people are visiting, what products they’re using, and what services they are using in a short amount of time.

On the other hand, Instagram posts are mostly about posting high-quality content, trying to make it easily accessible to the right people, and studying what trends people find interesting. There are times when you would want to download the best Instagram stories and highlights to the device you use. 

The reason could be any – maybe you are a marketer who wants to build similar stories or show them in a presentation to the team in the offer, or maybe you are a teacher who wants to show it in the classroom to students to support a sales and marketing lesson. It could be the parents who want to support the home-study of their kids through video learning. 

For this, you can use, a powerful and very useful tool that enables you to download Instagram videos without any fuss. It’s easy and anybody can use it from children to seniors. It means you have your favorite videos on the go because there’s so much content that everything changes in a second and your favorite videos tend to get lost in the sea of data. 

Talking about the development in Instagram stories’ sphere:

  • One reason that will make stories more popular is that Instagram is planning to make them more interactive and will do so with the implementation of AR (augmented reality). Right now, Instagram has launched a beta-program that’s reserved for certain third-parties who are developing their own AR for use on the platform’s stories.
  • Another development has been spotted, which is bound to make your Instagram stories more attractive to your target audiences. The development is using audio in stories. Several studies have proven that 80% of Instagram stories with music or voiceovers do better than ads that don’t play sound. 

 So we’re expecting more stories that have audio in the next year.

Better shopping

For a long time, businesses have been using Instagram to make ads that have links that would lead the customer to the online store to boost online sales. Instagram released an update last year that is bound to gain traction next year by enabling customers to complete transactions without leaving the platforms. 

With so many platforms to choose from, both the developers and users are consistently looking for newer avenues to be one step ahead and Instagram does not disappoint in this regard. It’s evolving and the team there knows that marketers need the best tools.

With more people shopping on the Instagram platform, it means more data is made available for Facebook that they can use to get one step closer to their business goal. Facebook wants to make everything “shoppable” while also catering to people’s personal tastes and is why the company’s engineers have created an AI program called GrokNet

GrokNet is already in use on Facebook’s Marketplace, where it automatically tags products that are in a business’ catalog in seconds while identifying other factors about it too. The A.I program identifies aspects of a product like its colors and designs while cross-referencing with other catalogs to suggest product descriptions and produce better search results for customers.

Facebook is working on another AI program called Rotating View that will help make shopping online more involved by allowing people to create 3D images of their products. All features might soon be released in 2021 on Instagram and are why they’re trending right now alongside imminent claims about an AR shopping feature rolling out quite soon. 

In conclusion

2021 seems to be a promising year for digital marketers and various businesses that use Instagram to raise awareness about their brands or make sales. With interactive content on the rise, communicating and connecting with potential customers will be easier than ever before on Instagram. Creating stories and designing them to be effective at portraying what you want to share with customers is important and is why adding audio will be crucial next year.

  • – Andrew Ameh

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