Monday, May 29, 2023

2018 Just Gave Us A Nail Art That Has A Blinking Eyeball

Just when we thought we had left crazy, weird nail arts in 2017 and hoped for a bit of the basic yet creative everyday nail trend, A Russian manicure house has literally knocked our socks off with this new bizarre, but extra creative nail art.

hudah beauty blinking eyeball nail art



This new nail art trend has proven that we are going to be seeing an advanced and improved version of the weird, creepy nail arts 2017 had for us. This nail art is called; wait for it, the “Blinking eyeball” nail art. You read that right and it means exactly what you are thinking.

It is a 3d animated eye ball with eyelashes that actually blinks when you tug the tiny screw behind the nails. This genius is brought to us by Russian manicure house Nail Sunny. They are known for their intricate, and wild nail art, so until another dedicated artist gives us something to lose sleep over, they remain the #1 Nail art house in the world.

oh! and by the way, these bad girl nails are inspired by beauty Vlogger Huda Kattan’s eyes.

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