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5 African Kidswear Labels We Love

We’re coming to the end of the first month of the year, and top celebrities are welcoming fresh life into the world, with new babies coming about left right and centre.

Tyra Banks announced the arrival of her first child yesterday, via this  Instagram pic
Tyra Banks announced the arrival of her first child yesterday, via this Instagram pic

Today, top model Tyra Banks announced the arrival of her son York Banks Asla, who was born by surrogate following the star’s difficulty in conceiving; Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are busy nursing baby Saint, born in December; while the internet speculates that Beyonce is pregnant with her second child, fuelled further by the fact that she was spied using a body double while shooting her new music video yesterday.


And it’s not just the stars with babies on the brain, with top fashion house Balmain revealing a new childrenswear line this week, too.

The pic leaked from the set of Bey's upcoming music video
The pic leaked from the set of Bey’s upcoming music video


However, should you need to find a gift for a newborn, or some stylish essentials for a young tot’s wardrobe, we’ve got 5 of our favourite African kids’ brands to look to, here below. Shop from these and be dubbed the best Mum, Dad, Big Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, Grand or God Parent in the whole wide world.

1. Sindiso Khumalo Kids

Soon-to-launch, South African label Sindiso Khumalo Kids is going to be big news for your bedtime routine, with a range that’ll include perfect, printed PJs as well as bold outerwear.

Kiddie PJs by Sindiso Khumalo
Kiddie PJs by Sindiso Khumalo

Having already soft-lauched last year via a London pop-up, the brand took a step into the world of kidswear after a successful year in womenswear, with these sweet pyjamas starting at £30 for a full set.

Keep your eyes peeled here for the official launch.

2. Grace & Elie

US-based brand Grace & Elie is a cute, ankara-loving labels for toddlers and babies who make the most brilliant newborn gifts if colour is your thing.

"Nana" shoes, $22 here
“Nana” shoes, $22 here

Available to browse and buy online from the brand’s e-store, are sweet soft toys, bibs, bow ties and baby shoes, as well as lovely little dresses in a variety of colours.


Team SPICE love the awesome reversible baby blankets the best, like the “Afua” ($80 here), but head to the brand’s site and you’re sure to find a small, stylish ‘welcome to the world gift’ with ease.

3. Thumb & Pinky

If you’re searching for trendy staples like skirts, tops and trousers, Etsy-based e-store Thumb & Pinky is your friend.

"Mossy Green" tie-dye trousers, $35 here
“Mossy Green” tie-dye trousers, $35 here

Wax print skirt, $35 here
Wax print skirt, $35 here

We love the standout pieces, including these tie-dye pants and wax print skirt, and could have lots of fun putting outfits together for our mini-mes with the brand’s impressive range of stock.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a browse here.

4. Isossy Children

Top kidswear brand Isossy knows exactly what stylish mums want their tots to wear, and have been busy creating all sorts of collections to prove it.

From detailed sportswear to fun, fashionable wardrobe builders and stuff for special occasions, there’s a lot to choose from this London-based label – for boys and girls.

Our favourite from the 2015 “Jade” collection is this green dress, $50 here.

Jade collection Isssy (9)

5. Africoluleur

French label Africouleur is another to hit up if  you’ve a newborn to buy for, with lots of bright and trendy things available for gifting little boys and girls with.

Boys' set, $18 (sale) here
Boys’ set, $18 (sale) here

We especially love the twinsets, though there are a few pairs of shoes plus hats and bags that have our mini-me’s name on them, too.

Baby shoes, $8 (sale) here
Baby shoes, $8 (sale) here

But which childrenswear labels would you use to gift Tyra’s, Kim’s, Chrissy’s or Beyonce’s (rumoured) baby? Share your favourite African kids brands below in the comments box, or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

Image source: Sindisokhumalo.com, Etsy.com, @Trybanks, Laineygossip.com, Africouleur.com, Isossychildren.com

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