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5 Beauty Staples From The 90’s

Let’s take a very interesting walk down memory lane and relieve the time when we all had some beauty essentials that were to die for. Remember the ones you couldn’t afford not to have in your makeup purse, yes those ones! We give you 5 favorite makeup products every girl in 90s owned.
1. Sticky lip gloss and Lip Smackers
5 beauty products from the 90's
You think the lip gloss you get at drug stores or from your favorite beauty brands are sticky? Then you are either too young or you must have forgotten what lippies in the 90s felt like. They were extra sticky and thick, and guess what? The shinier the better. Good God, those lip gloss could pass for mild adhesives but we still loved them to death and had more that 2-3 types in our possession. You have to admit that at some point in every 90s girls life, she owned at least 1 lip smacker, right?
2. Hair gel 

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Okay, this isn’t even up for a debate because every single girl had hair gel in her possession. Why? The 90s was the period of all things slickly and curly, and the best way to look was by using hair gel. Even our favorite boy band had cute curly springy hairstyles. And of course the period of the jerri curls, what best way to make sure those curls remained fresh, huh?
3. Lip liner 
5 beauty tips from the 90s
You wouldn’t even have dared to apply your lipstick without lining your lips with a lip liner in the 90s. We are talking gold, black, purple ashy, shiny lip liners that made your shimmery lipstick pop. Those who knew what was up with beauty, definitely tried this one out especially those brownish/burgundy type of mix match.
4. Sponge tip eye shadow applicator 
5 beauty items from the 90s
Before the emergence of makeup brushes that now come in a gizillion shapes and sizes, one for a designated purpose, we just had that one versatile sponge tip eye shadow applicator that came with the eye shadow palette. Remember them? The ones that have a curvy sponges on both end a of the brush? Yes those ones.
5. Glitter
5 beauty trends
The 90s has to be reason glitter was created. We are pretty sure everything and anything had glitter on them. Clothes, shoes, bags, cups , just name it. There were body glitter and those flaky glittery eye shadow and sparkly nail polish. If it didn’t have glitter then it just wasn’t in.

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