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5 Chic Over-40 Women on Instagram

There is a certain confidence that lies in these over-40s women’s wardrobes. These are women who have seen generations of trends come and go, they have the wisdom to know what clothing does and doesn’t work for them, they don’t feel the need to embrace all the trends, and they aren’t afraid to pull off powerful statement pieces. Moreover, their wardrobes are anchored by quality, statement pieces that last them a lifetime. So when you are looking to get inspired, turn your attention to these fashion muses for their wealth of fashion knowledge and strong sense of personal style

1. Garance Doré: @garancedore

The French photographer, illustrator, blogger, and author of New York Times best seller Love Style Life exudes an effortless and insouciant aesthetic. She’s partial to a cool jumpsuit, and she anchors her outfits in timeless basics. Her lifestyle blog, Atelier Doré, is a creative hub of inspiration on all things style and beauty.


2.Grece Ghanem: @greceghanem

Grece Ghanem’s Instagram feed is a feast for the eyes. The 54-year-old from Montréal has a penchant for mixing prints, color-blocking, and styling the coolest shoes and accessories. She’s not afraid to wear strong statement pieces and bold silhouettes.

fashion 2

3.Renata Jazdzyk: @venswifestyle

Fashion blogger and influencer Renata Jazdzyk of @venswifestyle wears the trendiest pieces from the biggest designers. Her street style game is strong—you’ll catch her at fashion week wearing all the buzziest looks.

fashion 3

4. Mette Sorrig: @msorrig

The Danish trendsetter is one of my favorites to follow on Instagram for her Scandi-cool style. Her trendy looks are a colorful and innovative mix of feminine and masculine touches. She’ll mix smart tailoring with cool cowboy boots, and tracksuits with heels and vintage faux fur. And she layers like a style pro.

fashion 4

5.Marlien Rentmeester: @marlienrentmeester

I am obsessed with Marlien’s fashion blog, Le Catch, in which shares the best trends and fashion finds on the internet, from affordable Zara pieces to chic designer wares. She has a penchant for effortless bohemian dresses and exudes a relaxed, California aesthetic—calibrating a high-low mix of the coolest pieces.

fashion 5

by Ameh Ujah

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