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5 Dye-Jobs to Do this Summer

As Team SPICE continue to celebrate all things ‘Heat’ this June on the site, we’re considering the hottest new hair colours to rock this season – ones championed by everyone from Dencia to Rihanna and Jourdan Dunn.

See below 5 of the most on-trend hair shades to be seen with for Summer, and the stars that have us hooked on them.

Redhead Rihanna shows her love for the San Antonio Spurs while in NY

1. Red

Red may be high-maintenance colour in terms of up-keep but it’s also the hottest shade to step out with right now, with thanks to new supporter of the shade, Rihanna.


Whether you do it deep and fiery like Rih or lightly tinted like Nigerian stylish-slash-designer, Bubu Ogisi, the best way to wear red hair is with a natural-looking, all-over dye – a great option for anyone looking to hot up their look this season.


2. Grey

We don’t know if it’s about 50 Shades, stress or paying homage to the best X-Men character there ever was (Storm, obviously) – but grey hair? It’s officially a thing.

In fact, grey is pretty much the new blonde when it comes to tresses and has been spied everywhere from the head of Ms “Don’t Cash-Cop My Braids” Amandla Stenberg (we’ll explain that, here) to the newly-dyed Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke – and even the aforementioned Ms Ogisi, who was seen wearing it just weeks before trading it up for red.



Already going grey? Well, good for you because for now, so are all the cool kids.


3. Blue

So blue kind of picks up where grey left off, in the sense that we don’t know where, because of who or why it came about – but wow, y’all are rocking it.

Stars include Miley Cyrus, who debuted temporary hue at the 2015 Met Gala (see all the style from the event here), Nigerian designer Toyin Lawani, who showed off her new colour last month, and SPICE TV‘s very own fashion-blogging producer, Sharon Ojong (who we think rocks her’s best);

Ms Lawani in blue box braids

Best in blue, Sharon Ojong

Seen woven into braids and dip-dying their way down hair, blue strands are the sort to be seen with now and look beautiful against all complexions, too.


4. Blonde

Some like it hot, and what’s hotter than bombshell blonde? It’s the Summer-ready shade for hair and one way to put the fun into your beauty look.


Rihanna’s done it, Beyonce is it and our fave singer Seyi Shay has been seen slaying as a blonde, too for Made Magazine‘s recent editorial.

If you’re destined to do it at home, just be sure to go wiggy with it to avoid damaging strands with bleach and also to give you the edge when it comes to switching your hue (just snatch that bae off and hey, you’re back to your natural beauty).


5. Pastel

While it had its minute circa 2010, pastel hair has made a bit of a comeback thanks to models Fernanda Ly and Jourdan Dunn, who have rocked pretty pinks and light lilac from the runway to real life – Ms Dunn taking hers to the recent Coachella festival (see more on that, here).


And it’s not just models, with Nigerian star Dencia and Aussi rapper, Iggy Azalia also joining the frenzy with their blonde and pink ‘dos;

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

Hoping to recreate the look on your own head of hair? Again, it’d be good idea to avoid going the bleach route on this one, unless you can experiment on hair extensions, but otherwise and for all the hues we’ve mentioned here on this list, why not check out L’Oreal’s temporary “Hair Chalk” colours, from £10.95 here?

Find your favourite and tag us in your pics on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @SPICETVAFRICA to show us how your rocking the new ‘It’ hair colours this Summer.

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