Monday, June 5, 2023

5 mature ways to handle the pressure of dating

Most times, the pressure to date comes from people you care about; family and friends who want nothing but the best for you.So it may be difficult to deal with the situation because you don’t want them to feel for caring about you even though their words irritate and hurt you.

1. Explain

If the pressure to date is mostly from friends, family and people you care about, it’s probably a good idea to sit them down and have a frank talk with them. Be direct. Explain to them why you are not dating. Assure them that you are okay and that dating isn’t the best thing for this phase of your life.

2. Avoid the persistent ones

If there are friends and family who will not stop, and there probably will be, limit your interaction with them. Instead, find more emotionally and spiritually healthy, like-minded people to hang around with.

3. Bury yourself in good causes

Instead of allowing yourself wallow in self-pity as a result of people’s comparisons and regular reminder that your biological clock is ticking and you have no one to help you quieten it, put yourself into your work and all the wonderful things you have going for you in your life.

Be it your work, business, career or other things that make you happy and fulfilled, keep at it as much as you can.

4. Always remind yourself they want the best for you

Next time your blood starts to boil, think about this positive twist on the situation: your family and friends love you and want you to be happy – even if they don’t know quite the right way to express that.

5. Self love

It may be a little difficult, but don’t let the pressure get to you. You can fall in love with a great partner whenever you’re ready.Till then, shower yourself with love and live your best life!


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