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5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Interview

Your performance and ethics during an interview can make or mar you opportunity of getting the job. Ever wonder why you never got called back for that job? Even though you are a hundred percent sure you aced the questions, then maybe you are doing something wrong, which in most cases are unknown to you as an interviewee. Here are 5 factors to look into, before and during an interview.


  1. Conduct a background check on the company.

No company wants to employ a candidate who is totally oblivious to the history and policy of their brand. So before you go for an interview, conduct a brief research on the company, acquaint yourself with the strength and weakness of the company, especially in the field you desire to apply in. This will help you show your interviewer that you could be a possible asset in filling those loop holes they probably didn’t even know existed.

  1. Dress appropriately

The saying “First impression matters” is no joke. Your appearance to an interview is the first thing that catches your interviewer’s attention before you are even given the opportunity to open your mouth and market your smarts. Dress the part, look smart, decent, and clean. Get a haircut, iron your outfit, use some perfume and don’t forget to show a tad of confidence.

  1. Be yourself

During an interview, originality is very important. No interviewer is looking to employ a cocky, over confident, jittery or arrogant person in his company, but these are traits that some interviewees unknowingly portray during an interview. Mostly because they are trying so hard to over impress their interviewer. Yes your nerves might build up, but we advise you take a deep breath and give it your best shot in the most original way possible.

  1. Inappropriate behavior


g an interview, either by making small talk, passing comments on something that caught your attention or whatever it is you think is suitable to lighten the mood. This trick can make or mar your chances of getting the job. We advise you stick to the interview and avoid behaviors like irrelevant jokes, flirting, and being nosy.

  1. Negative comments about your previous employer.


Never! Ever! Say anything negative about your previous employer during an interview, no matter how your relationship with them ended. Always remember to talk about the positives and ways you were able to impact progressiveness of the brand during the period of your employment. Coming off as “a bitter ex staff” makes your interviewee worry about your character and the effects it will have on their own brand, should they decide to employ you.

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