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5 Reasons Why Being Single This Summer Is Not A Bad Thing

Summer is filled with couples flaunting their love and giving us PDA for days. It is also believed to be one of the worst periods without a better half, especially if you are the only single one in your crew. Nobody wants to spend their summer third willing and taking the perfect PDA diary for your loved up besties, don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with doing that, but you didn’t anticipate the best holiday of the year to be a photographer/ wisher.

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So worry not if you happen to be single this holiday. Why? Because there are some pretty cool cons about being single and we are here to share some of those cons with you, and also to let you know why being single this period is an absolute blessing in disguise.

  1. You are totally free to lurk around all the hot guys at the summer raves.

Summer is the time to show off the summer body you have been working on. And what’s more is that, there are tons of hot shirtless guys with lustful bodies and you get to look for as long as you want without feeling guilty. Who knows, one of these hotties will may be your next boothang.

  1. It is economical

You get to spurge your savings on yourself this you, yourself, and YOU. You have all your money to yourself to do whatever you please and not worry about splitting it to get a partner a gift.

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  1. Time to spend with friends.

This will be a totally cool idea if your friends are single too, and if you don’t mind them being in a relationship, then it works perfectly. You get to be around your day one’s and catch up on old times, have fun and meet new people.


  1. No romance drama

This has to be the best part of being single, summer or no summer. You get to have a drama free summer, no relationship drama to bring down your moral whenever you get into a fight with your better halve.

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  1. Unlimited freedom

You don’t have to report to anyone when you are single, well asides your parents and that is if still live with them. Going for events, hanging out with people, having the best holiday ever and not being bothered about what anyone has to say because you own yourself and belong to yourself.

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