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5 Style Mistakes We Can ALL Admit

As Team SPICE are thinking about ‘Unity’ this December, what with the World about to celebrate the New Year, we’ve been busy reflecting on the highs and lows of 2015 – and especially that of our personal style, with a great many highs including good shoes purchases, and lows including a few minor wardrobe errors.

But no matter how stylish we think we are, we know we’re not alone in getting it wrong from time to time. In fact, we’re certain even the most sartorially successful have made at least one fashion faux pas at some point.

Below are just 5 of the style mistakes we think we can all admit to – take a look and own up to yours in the comments box.

1. Wearing Ill-Fitted Clothes

No doubt, we’ve all been there – usually at the start of the end of year sales, when that ah-mazing dress you’ve been waiting to drop in price finally does, but is no longer available in your size. Cop one anyway? You bet. And yes, we’ve done it. More than once.

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion mistakes a person can make, for your look and your bank balance.

Serial offender, Beyonce wearing a very tight pair of shorts

Being able to zip it up does not mean it fits, and buying a garment that doesn’t fit for half the price doesn’t make it a bargain. Every outfit should have shape and structure; it has to flatter your body by highlighting your best features and being kind to those you’re not keen on.

If you’re guilty of this sale spending habit, stop now – let 2016 be a new, smarter shopping you. Otherwise continue but while knowing you’re not being wardrobe savvy, you’re just being (and possibly looking) stupid.

2. Piling On WAY Too Much Bling

By ‘bling’, we mean accessories – especially jewellery, and that of the sparkling variety.

It may have been a look circa 2009, but ever since, stylish girls have hung up their rhinestones (or at least most of them), thanks to Normcore and all those minimalistic trends that have put over-blinged Barbie vibes to bed.

A face-piercing look from Givenchy's Autumn/Winter'15 showcase
A face-piercing look from Givenchy’s Autumn/Winter’15 showcase

No doubt, carefully chosen jewels can really enhance your look, however, it is important that you know how to achieve ‘balance’ with your outfit – a dilemma sorted simply by taking off one accessory piece before you leave the house, or stopping to think: ‘Do I really need that diamonte tiara, when I’m already wearing a cocktail ring, chandelier earrings and bib collar necklace?’

Over-doing it sans gems is also a thing; chunky necklaces with huge earrings, rings, belts and bracelets is also way too much to wear. Our advice, if you’re in doubt and can’t control yourself, is to simply avoid accessorising altogether.

3. Stunting In Shoulder Pads

We think we like the concept of shoulder pads – the big idea being to exude power, capability, and confidence via a thickly-lined shoulder area. But in reality, we think we’ll pass. Until someone decides the ’80s are back again, anyway.

Mrs Yeezy loves a power shoulder

Because unfortunately, the shoulder pad is just too clunky-looking and most times, they are very unflattering – even if they do help mask the pain of a very well-packed handbag.

We think we’ll leave the look to costume queen Lady Gaga, reality drama queen Kim Kardashian, and walking fashion illustration, Victoria Beckham. Unless of course you’ve got the balls to keep rocking shoulder pads and enjoy looking like a linebacker, in which case, more power to you.

4. Wearing the Wrong Underwear

Underwear may be worn inside and underneath a very well-crafter outfit, but don’t think for a second onlookers can’t tell whether or not you’re wearing the right sized bra or pants.

Undergarments play a huge role in completing your look, by sculpting your physique to enhance, control or at very least hold your figure together. But, after the first hurdle – choosing the right size in underwear for your body – there’s another: Choosing the right underwear for the outfit you’re trying to nail.


Yes, underwear can actually help make or break a look, so our advice is to seek professional opinion from your nearest bra and panty dealer. Then, invest in the right undergarments (beware of panty lines, bra straps and textures showing through your clothes) and be confident knowing that onlookers are appreciating your ensemble and your figure – not grimacing at how big, small or bunched up your underwear looks through your clothes.

5. Blindly Following Trends

Just as it’s clear when you’re nursing a wedgi or your bra’s climbing up your back, it’s super obvious when a trend just doesn’t work for your body shape.

Case in point? Those ultra low skinnies everyone was rocking at the turn of the millennium, when not everyone had the slim waist for them.

In a bid to make a style statement, most people try to keep up with the trends, but a little consideration towards whether or not they actually suit your shape is definitely needed. Loyal friends should be able to provide you with this if you are a sucker for your own will.

Malaika Firth pulling of the fringing trend for Autumn/Winter’15, on Burberry’s catwalk. But could you?

If you’ve been caught buying up cut-outs that look more like ‘spill out’ on your torso, or are now *totes* wearing the ’70s look when you actually hate the weird flapping motion your flared trousers make, then you may well have fallen victim to this faux pas.

Make a stand! The time is now! Let the blind-following of the latest trends cease, and a new you begin in 2016!

Though we can all admit that when it comes to style mistakes, old habits die pretty hard (*reaches for fedora hat that doesn’t fit well over afro*), there’s still time to redeem yourself and take control of your wardrobe’s life.

Meanwhile, share some of your style mistakes from the last 365 days or beyond, below in the comments box or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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