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5 Tips for Fresher Grooming

Being considered fresh is surely every guy’s dream, but the truth is, the title does not come easy. Looking and keeping sharp takes work – and it includes more than a semi-regular trip to barbers.

Just like ladies, men need to take care and pay attention to their skin, posture, fitness and more – at least they do to be considered a fresh fella, anyway.

But to help you out, Team SPICE has a few details to attend to as part of your standard grooming routine – take a look and make sure you’ve covered these basics.

1. Brush and Floss

Tyson Beckford and his pearly whites

Ok so for some of you, this is a super basic step – but sadly,  plenty of people overlook the necessity of simply brushing and flossing one’s teeth.

This is a core grooming tip every human (man, woman and child) should include in their regime, as brushing and flossing isn’t just for keeping your breath fresh or for keeping up appearances; these steps promote healthy tooth and gum development, and lower the risks of mouth diseases.

Now, you can look as sleek as ever in your new suit, with your trim body and cool hair cut, but if you’ve stained or missing teeth, or bad breath due to the gum disease? That’s going to limit your swagger, seriously.


Brush at least twice a day (morning and night) and floss at least once, following up with a good mouth which – while certainly will not replace the work of your tooth brush – will further kill off bacteria and provide added freshness. Try Corsodyl’s Daily Mouthwash (N3,500, here)

2. Always Smell Good

They say looking good is good business, but if you can add smelling good, we think you’ll be in even better business – especially where attracting compliments is concerned.

On the flip side, smelling bad isn’t good for you or the company you keep, and scientifically speaking, men are more prone to body odour than women, so they have to pay a little more attention in this area when it comes to grooming.

“Akowa” by french niche label M Micallef

A simple shower, twice a day, will not only help a man smell good, but it will keep him clean from germs and bacteria. And of course, this needs to be followed up by a good deodorant, which stoops sweat drying onto the skin during the day, which is where bad body odour occurs.

If you want to go a step further and smell even fresher though, just add a light cologne. See here for our edit of the best new fragrances for 2016.

3. Attend to Nose Hairs

Taming the jungle growing within the nose is a challenge for some men, but keeping on top of this is better than letting it slide and have hair protruding from one’s nostrils. And it’s easier to sort than you think.


Though said hairs are necessary (a part of your natural immune system that traps airborne substances like bacteria, dust, etc – before they enter the body), it’s a little difficult to think of nose hair as attractive, so unless it’s your thing, simply invest in a pair of nose hair trimmers or scissors and get snipping.


A quick weekly trim should suffice in keeping unruly hairs at bay, and we recommend Prince’s Battery Operated Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer (N2,200, here). Just don’t over-trim (because as above, they do a job) but rather stick to cutting the length of any hairs that are seen leaving your nostril, so they stay inside.

4. Shape That Beard

Idris Elba and his tidy beard
Idris Elba and his tidy beard

Keeping facial hair – as in beards and moustaches – is a huge trend for men right now, and many regard them as an attractive (in fact, impressive, if thick enough) feature.

Tamed correctly and these things can actually accentuate a face, but that hair needs to be clean and trimmed – especially if you can’t quite pull off that ‘eccentric artist’ look.


Consult a barber if you aren’t sure how to sculpt facial hair to best suit your face, but to keep the length at bay, grab a trusty device like the Chaoba Hair Clipper & Yandou Rechargeable Beard Shaver (N 5,000, here). Also try Leven Rose’s Beard Oil & Leave-In Conditioner (N10,750 here) if you want to keep it looking fresh, soft and healthy. 


5. Keep Nails Short. Also Clean.

Usher’s got the idea

The thought of having a manicure makes most men wince, but no longer just a ritual for women, MANicures are a officially a thing – one that the freshest of gents will embrace if they know what’s going to look good on them.

To make clear, we aren’t necessarily talking gel extensions and glitter polish – we’re talking about a regular trim, file and cleaning of the nails, that you could actually achieve yourself at home. And trust us, it’ll make all the difference.


If you don’t believe us, imagine a well-dressed gentleman with a sharply-cut suit, walking into the boardroom for an all-important meeting; envisage his silk pocket square’s in place, against his crisp white shirt; imagine he’s got a fresh haircut on his head; his skin is moisturised and his teeth are bright white as he stretches his hand out to shake yours. As you raise your hand to meet his, you notice his nails are long and yellowed – some with a black line of dirt underneath… Would this take some of the shine of his look away? What would you remember about your first impression of this guy now? Where would you think his hand had been?

To avoid being that guy, keep your nail clippers close and a nail file closer – also remember to remove any dirt gathering under your nails asap, before other people notice it.

If you’d prefer professional care (try here), do note there’s no shame in enjoying a regular manicure or pedicure (please don’t neglect the feet!), because a guy that takes good care of all the little details is going to leave a good impression wherever he goes – and a trip to the salon can actually be a bit of a monthly treat!


A good DIY starter kit though, is the Universal Manicure Set (N1,955, here).

So there you have it, your no excuses, get fresh quick regime. Keep on top of the above tips for grooming and see if you’re not soon regarded as one of the freshest guys around.

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