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5 Ways to Move Better in Public

While we’re thinking ‘Movement’ month on the site, we’ve been busy thinking up ways to move ourselves better this season, with Summer closing parties  already upon us, and the opening ones for Fashion Weeks soon to start.

And while we’re not talking about dancing, we are thinking about the best way to steal attention in a room full of people; the moves to make to command attention when there’s many belles at the ball.

Want to enter a room and have it stop? Here’s  5 ways to do it…

Rock a Million-Dollar Look


You do not have be filthy rich or look like a Victoria’s Secret model, but you do need to put a little thought and effort into selecting your attire, starting with careful consideration of the dress code.

Heading to an all-white party? You’d best abide by the rules if you want the room to gasp as you enter in a positive way, but you can always bend a few rules in order to attention-steal; an all white look with a very red, punchy pout might do it, or why not add a fun-coloured jacket?

If it’s an event that promises relaxed fun, why not up the ante a little but with metallic accessories, or a heel? Or, should the invite state ‘casual’ why not go for luxe-looking casual with heaps of jewels? There’s always a way to out dress the other guests, but just make sure to stay within the bounds of your personal style, as sudden personality changes in the wardrobe department are always detected.

The other key to a million-dollar ensemble? Confidence, as well as a smile. Whatever you wear to your big event, be sure to do it with the pearly whites in full view.

Get Head Strong


The prep for your big entrance also needs to begin internally, with your emotions, as heading out with doubts is going to show on your face and in your movements.

In order to remain graceful, elegant or appear fun and full of energy, you need to get your head sorted first, by focusing on more positive  thoughts and emotions.

If you are dreading being at the event, you need to find a positive reason for being there and cling to it, allowing yourself to feel good about something related to the party and drawing from that single positive emotion. Once your mind is down with the idea of going out, your body will share the message through your facial expressions and demeanor.

This in turn will convey a great sort of charisma to your fellow guests and command a bit more friendly attention, with people naturally being drawn to positive people.

Treat Yourself


A quick fix for feeling positive and a great way to get ourselves in the mood to socialise is to simply treat ourselves to something special ahead of the event, but specifically on something that already makes us feel confident.

Love your hair? Spoil yourself to a blow-dry at the salon. Are bold nails your signature? Get a manicure a few hours before the party. If it’s your perfectly white teeth that usually wrack up the compliments, why not treat yourself to a new bright new lipstick to enhance them?

By pampering the parts of ourselves that we already feel most confident in, we automatically feel more confident in showing them off in public – try it and see if you aren’t then feeling in a hurry to head out to show your fresh ‘do/painted nails or bold lips off.

Use Your Body Better


Naturally, the taller people are, the more they command attention, which is sad news for anyone who isn’t vertically blessed.

But, so long as you can stand tall, with your back straight, shoulders back slightly and chin up, you can appear a taller and more confident version of yourself, which will undoubtedly turn heads too.

Another trick Team SPICE has up our sleeve for this? Take the opportunity to add an even higher pair of heels to your wardrobe.

Move Bossy


And by that, we mean move like a boss – starting with the way you enter the room.

The way you walk generally says a lot about your demeanour; fiddling with your hair or clothes sending nervous vibes to onlookers, while looking at the floor, chewing your lips  or biting nails scream insecurity.

If that sounds like you (though a lot of us do these things naturally, without even noticing) try to take control of your hands and facial expressions and then adjust them as soon as you feel yourself feeling uncomfortable.

The aim is to walk tall, keeping your hands off of your hair and clothing, and remember that million dollar accessory – your smile.

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