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7 Date-Ready Hair Styles to Try Tonight

Getting dolled up for tomorrow’s ‘day of love‘, Valentine’s? Well, having already shared the best makeup looks to impress your man with, Team SPICE now on hand to help with your hair…

Sure, the right dress and lip colour goes a long way to set the mood – but the hair is a girl’s crowning glory, and pretty key in keeping the ambience of your look together.

So, whether you’re keeping it casual or expecting a grand gesture this February 14th, we’ve a few Valentine’s ready styles to make your ‘do for the day – whether you’ve a boo to reveal it to or are planning a night of cocktails with your friends.

1. Loose, Romantic Curls


Valentine’s is all about love and romance, and what better way to join the sentiment than by rocking luscious, loose curls?

Not nay does the look only ooze ultimate femininity, it’s chic enough to be worn to any event (who knows what he’s planned for your date) and suggests an innocent sort of glamour that’ll go a long way in the art of seduction.

Good thing is you can pull off a retro look with this style.

Get the Look

– First, prep damp hair with a heat protective spray (we like Avon’s “Advance Techniques Styling Heat Protection Spray”, N1,500 here).


– Next, roughly dry your hair, keeping a touch of dampness, then blow dry smooth using a large ceramic brush.

– Take 1-inch sections of hair, and starting mid-shaft, wrap hair around a 1.5 inch curling iron.

– When you have curled all of your hair, flip your tresses over and shake the curls out for a soft, natural wave.

– Finish the look with a lightweight hairspray.

2. The Messy Up ‘Do


Soft messy up ‘dos are popular for ‘bad hair’ days, as they help you look chic and effortless when you’re really feeling frantic. Such looks also take just minutes to sort out, with little fuss too – just perfect if you are running late for your date on Valentine ’s Day!

This cute style works best on shoulder-length hair, whether it’s straight, wavy or curly, and is perfect for a casual or hot dates filled with fun – especially the sort that includes outdoor activities. You can also leave some extra strands loose to frame your face, and add an extra sexy vibe to your overall look.

Get the Look

– Start by rubbing a volumising mousse into the roots of your hair, and misting the bottom half of your hair with texturising spray to give it a bit more hold. We like Big Sexy Hair’s “Spray & Play Harder Firm Volumising Hairspray” (N3,800, here)


– Give yourself a side or center parting, then tease the hair out at the crown of your head to give volume.

– Gather your hair into a loose, low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Take your pony and twist the length into a messy chignon, pinning it with bobby pins to your crown, and pulling strands out to make it more fun and playful.

Tip: If you don’t have long hair, simply use an extension piece – just clip it in at the nape of your neck, and follow the same steps above.

3. Half-Up, Half-Down


A go-to, really, this look is easy to achieve and there are a few creative ways to do it, whether you’re after a romantic, boho, retro or glamorous look.

The style is also pretty perfect for curly hair, as it allows you to show off your beautiful curls while also placing the focus on your gorgeous face.

Get the Look

– Start by misting your hair with a setting spray, which will make sure your natural waves or curls stick, or keep curls in if you’re creating them on blown out/straight hair.

– Use a 1-inch curling iron to curl sections of the hair from, half way down to their ends. Twist the barrel in different directions, to create mis-matched, messy curls throughout your hair for a fun vibe.

– Once you’ve curled the entire head, finger comb through the curls to loosen them slightly.

– Tease hair out at the crown, then lightly brush the top of your hair to smooth it down slightly. Section the hair off at the sides and bring both sections to the back of your head (while keeping the volume at the top). Twist these sections together at the back of the head.

– Secure the two pieces into a ponytail using an elastic band, then decorate as you wish, using crystal-encrusted combs or barrettes.


– Finish the look by misting with strong-hold hairspray, like Macadamia Professional’s “Style Lock Strong Hold Hairspray”, £14.60 (sale) here.

4. The Side-Swept Pony


The side-swept pony is a simple yet sophisticated and sexy ‘do, and works perfectly for a polished date night look, keeping the hair out of the face all night, drawing attention to your features.

Ponytails are the style to rock to exude confidence, but less severe than a high or lock back pony, one set to the side will soften the face for a pretty, feminine and easy-going look.

Get the Look

– Start by applying a thickening mousse to damp hair, especially focusing on the roots.

– Next, using a large round brush, give yourself a smooth blowout. Make sure to lift hair at the roots to give them extra volume, and add a bit of a bend when you reach the ends, which will create some extra bounce in the ponytail.

– Use a teasing comb to tease the hair at the crown, then pull your hair back to one side of your head, using a brush to lightly comb your tresses into a ponytail, and securing it with an elastic low, behind the ear.

– Mist all over with a lightweight shine-enchancing hairspray to make sure hair stays in place while being flexible and full of movement. We like Got2b’s “Rise n Shine Hairspray”, £4.05 here


Tip: If you want a smooth ponytail, use a flat iron to straighten tresses first, as necessary. If you want a wavy ponytail, use a large barrel curling iron to create waves first.

5. The Straight & Sleek Look

The straight and sleek look is fairly easy to achieve and great for the girl who has a minimal or chic sense of style, as it really allows one to play up an outfit or makeup.

No matter how short or long the hair, you can give it that special, smooth look – but if you want extra length, you can add in extensions.

Get the Look

– Start off by applying a straightening balm to the hair, then blow dry tresses tip they’re as straight and smooth as possible. We suggest using a paddle brush like Aveda’s, £20 here


– When finished, separate it into small sections starting from the back of your neck. Spray each section with a heat protecting spray, and use a flat iron to get your hair bone straight.

– Tame any fly ways with smoothing hairspray or shine spray for the ultimate finish.

6. The Fishtail Braid


Long hair is sexy, but long hair that has been twisted and braided is even sexier! Enter then, the chicest braid of them all: the fishtail braid, which is an awesome look to for any sort of date.

The quirky hairdo looks complex to achieve, but really it’s very easy to pull off once you have the moves down…

Get the Look

– First, apply your favourite product to unwashed hair, to add texture and hold before you start.

– Next, brush it through so that there are no tangles or knots.

– Decide where you want your braid to begin, brush hair into that direction, and then separate your hair into two sections.

– Take a small section of hair from the back of one of the sections and bring it over to the front of the opposite section, swapping this piece of hair from one hand to the next; from one section to the next.

– Repeat this step on the alternating side, until you reach the bottom of the length of both sections.

– Tie the ends together with an elastic band.


– Finish with a quick spritz of hairspray – we like Aveda’s “Pure Abundance Volumising Hair Spray”, £16.50 here.

Tip: For a more casual look, slightly pull the sides of the braid out to loosen it.

7. The Fro-Not


Lupita Nyong’o made this look famous at the opening night of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, and is perfect for mid-to-long length kinky hair.

As well as looking cute and semi-polished, this look highlights one’s features by taking the hair far off of the face – perfect if you want to show off your amazing Valentine’s makeup look.


Get the Look

– First, spritz water onto the hair to dampen it.

– Next, comb out the hair with a wide tooth comb and brush the hair upwards into a pineapple, on the top of the head, securing with an elastic band.

– Apply a moisturising product (we like Cantu’s “Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Cream” N3,950 here) into the ponytail. Apply an edge control to the hairline and comb back to neaten it.


– Next, take the length of the ponytail and wrap this around the band, working in one direction.

– Secure the hair using bobby pins or an elastic band if necessary.

Tip: For straight hair, simply smooth into a high ponytail then place a hair donut over your elastic band. Next, wrap the length of the ponytail around the donut, and secure with bobby pins.

Got your own ideas for hairstyling this Valentine’s? Show us your date night ‘do online, by tagging us in your pictures @SPICETVAFRICA.

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