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7 Makeup Looks He’ll Love

Makeup is a girl’s best friend but isn’t always as down with the fellas – hence it helps to know what kind of look the man in your life is into.

While simply asking how he feels about the degree your cat eye liner is flicked too, or whether he prefers Mac’s “Ruby Woo” or “Lady Danger” is not likely to be a productive experience, we do have a few go-to looks to try this Valentine’s Day – they type that’ll surely have his heart a flutter, no matter who ‘he’ is.

So, see below the 7 make up looks that we at SPICE think are tried, tested and truly gorgeous, and that your man will fall in love with.

1. The Nude Lip


Certain to play up your eyes while making a subtle statement on the lips, rocking a nude pout  is the new classic, and a look that guys totally appreciate.

Sure, you’re wearing makeup, but hardly any is covering your lips (one his favourite features, of course)… at least, so he thinks, compared to the shock of red most ladies would rock to a candle lit date.

The nude look – less flashy than bolder lip looks and therefore more attractive to guys that like an understated lady – suggests the lips are soft, moisturised and ready for good kiss. So, who could blame him for liking this makeup look on you, his favourite thing to kiss?


Just make sure you find a shade that matches your skin tone, so you avoid looking washed out or tired – you want the shade that’ll give you a perfect, natural glow, like our favourites: NYX ‘s Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in “Sparkling Chestnut”  (N2,000, here) and IMAN’s Luxury Lip Shimmer in “Blushing Nude” (2,350, here


2. Smokey Eyes


Another feature to highlight is your eyes (the way to steal his heart over dinner or dancing) and the smokey-eyed look is the one to seduce him with.

Leaving you looking totally entrancing, with mischievous and sexy vibes, we suggest you try this one in classic black or brown shades for your Valentine’s date.

smoky eye palette-500x500

Yes, nailing the look can seem like tedious work, but actually, it can be easily achieved with a few quick steps and Bh Cosmetics’ “28 Smokey Eyeshadow Palette” (N4,500, here) which includes all of the brushes, eyeliner and eyeshadows you’ll need:

– First, outline your eyes with an eye pencil in your shade of choice (black or brown), tracing along the upper lash line in a thick stroke.

– Next, use an eyeliner brush to blend the pencil onto the lid, from the lash line.

– Take an eyeshadow in a matching dark shade and apply it to the outer corner of the eye, working along the crease towards the inner corner. Also join the  outer corner to the outer edge of the lash line, blending slightly towards the centre of the lid.

– With what’s left on your brush, sweep some colour along the lower lash line. Then, taking a highlighter (a lighter, sheened eyeshadow) apply along the brow bone. Also leave a small dot of highlight in the inner corner of the eyes.

– Finish with multiple coats of mascara.

Team SPICE suggest you keep the rest of the face minimal makeup-wise, with this look best paired with the nude lip look we suggested above.

3. Kohl Eyes


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and how better to bare yours than with a jaw-dropping eye look?

The key is to define and highlight your peepers properly, and kohl liners are very good for this and super easy to work with:

– Simply outline your eyes along the lower and upper waterline, using a kohl liner like NYC’s Kohl Brow & Eyeliner Pencil in “Jet Black” (N750, here) or by using the darkest black eye pencil or gel eyeliner you can find.

– Next, draw along the upper lash line and smudge the liner at the outer corner, using a slanted eyeliner brush, blending it upwards at the end to give a slight cat-eyed look.

– Finally, add mascara, working deeply at the roots of the outer corners to lift the lashes and widen the eyes.


4. The No-Makeup Makeup Look


This is the most advocated make up look for women, by men – apparently, most men like a lady to look like her natural self and aren’t so here for thick layers of foundation, faux lashes or heavily-lined lips.

Well, that’s ok, because the minimal makeup look is also on-trend and easy to get involved with. Here’s a few quick steps:

– First, apply a tinted moisturiser or BB cream that matches your exact skin tone (we like LA Girl’s HD PRO BB Cream, N 2,350 here), then use a concealer to cover up and flaws.

la girrrl

– Next, add a cream blusher (try Makeup Revolution London’s “Ultra 8 Cream Blush Palette”, N3,700 here) to the apples of the cheeks, blending till you have just  a hint of colour.


– Fill in, but don’t overly define the brows if you must touch them at all (over grooming or heavy definition will throw the balance of your look right off).

– Finish with a light lashing of mascara to top and bottom lashes, then add a plain or tinted lip balm to finish.

5. Long Lashes


Maybe it comes from cartoons, where female characters are illustrated with long, lushious lashes – or maybe it comes with the dolls we play with as children, who are also always blessed with great natural lashes? Either way, girls and guys love long but natural-looking eyelashes and you might want to try the look out for your Valentine’s date.


If you’ve naturally long lashes already, great – just don’t clump them up with mascara as our sources say that guys do not like that look at all. But another deal breaker is unnatural-looking faux lashes, so we suggest you avoid them altogether and opt for a volumising mascara instead – like Ardell’s “LashMagic” Mascara, N2,000 here.


Can’t keep away from falsies? Try individual lashes like Ardell’s “Duralash Natural Individual Lashes” (N7,500, here) instead of strips, as they tend to leave a more natural look to the eyes.

6. Subtle Glowing or Dewy Skin


Smooth, glowing skin is a sign of health and men, by instinct, find this attractive. Want to seduce him? Then this is the look to try.

This looks requires minimal makeup, as it simply won’t work with cakey layers of foundation and blusher. But if a minimal makeup look using a tinted moisturiser won’t work for you (see point 4), then try blending a tiny amount of your favourite foundation with a moisturiser followed by just a small amount of loose powder on your face – this should cover up blemishes slightly and leave a dewy finish.


If you are type who has a lot to conceal and so can’t afford to use just a sparse amount of foundation or powder, spray rose water on your face and neck before you add makeup, or go for a ‘fix-it’ spray like NYX’s “Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray” ( N5,500 here) which will hold makeup in place while also hydrating and leaving the desired finish.

7. Red Lips


Need to make a change from your usual, go-to look? Then the red lip a good one to make a statement with –  a classic that even guys who are adverse to seeing their chick with makeup on will appreciate seeing from time to time.

Always on trend and giving pure sexy siren vibes, you can pull this one out of the bag for dinner dates, red carpet events, nights on the dance floor or black tie event parties, as it adds the ‘wow factor’  no matter what else your wearing. And the effect it has on men? Well, Manchester University studied it and revealed that a man will stare at a woman with red lips for 7.3 seconds – so get his attention, you certainly will.

We at SPICE especially love Zaron’s “Tonee Red” (N 1,890, here) and suggest you apply yours after finishing the rest of your face beat, remembering to blot the colour using tissue, then reapplying and blotting again, to really intensify the colour.


But what are your date night makeup looks? Tell us how you’ll be turning heads with your beauty this Valentine’s Day, below in the comments box or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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