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7 Ways to Wear Pink this Valentine’s

There’s something oh so sweet about the colour pink, that even the keenest members of the  ‘all-black-everything’ clan can’t deny.

And, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner (gift alert: girls and guys, see here for scents to shop now) and we at SPICE thinking all things love and relationships, it seems only right we figure out our feelings on the hue and how best to marry it with our wardrobes.


Below is a guide of getting your pink done perfectly – whether you’re the guy who does things with subtlety or the girl whose style mantra is “go get ’em”.

1. Powder Pink All the Way

So we’ll start light, and by that we mean with the shade to wear; powder pink and peachy, dusky varieties are pretty key right now anyway.

McMeka's Spring/Summer'16 suitwear
McMeka’s Spring/Summer’16 suitwear

Such shades, though on the subtle side of the scale, can be more powerful than you think, especially for guys rocking theirs by way of a sleek-fitting suit like the models at McMeka did (water the look down and wear a pink shirt under your usual suit if your heart’s not here for head-to-toe pink), or ladies looking to leave an impression on their partner – in which case, see Bridget Awosika, Titi Bellow, Toju Foyeh, Iconic Invanity or Vedel’s Spring/Summer’16 showcase, or this embellished number from Akpos Okudu for inspo.

Akpos Okudu's light pink, Spring/Summer'16 look
Akpos Okudu’s light pink, Spring/Summer’16 ensemble

Ladies, if you’re going for the ultra romantic look though, you may as well go the whole way with a few ruffles here or there, too (see Funke Adepoju or Chechi Arinze’s showcase for reference) – the ultimate “I’m your girl” outfit if ever we saw one.

Chechi Arinze's Spring/Summer'16 showcase
Chechi Arinze’s Spring/Summer’16 showcase

2. The Pink Navy

The Spring/Summer’16 season is rife with clues that pink and navy are the union to celebrate with your style, having been seen on catwalks and in lookbooks from many top designers, like Chechi Arinze, Josh Samuels and Maki Oh.

Chechi Arinze's pink'n'navy combo at LGFDW's Spring/SUmer'16 show
Chechi Arinze’s pink’n’navy combo at LGFDW’s Spring/SUmer’16 show

Both boys and girls can get this look nailed right with the simple addition of a pink piece to their favourite navy outfit, or by opting for prints that feature the two ‘It’ colours – navy being the new black, it seems, for 2016.

Josh Samuels' Spring/Summer'16 look
Josh Samuels’ Spring/Summer’16 look

No love for navy? Try lighter blue in its place, like labels Mo’Fari, Lola and Nuraniya did for their Spring/Summer’16 collections.

Mo'Fari's Spring/Summer'16 look
Mo’Fari’s Spring/Summer’16 look

Nuraniya's SPring/Summer'16 look
Nuraniya’s SPring/Summer’16 look

3. A Dangerous Romance

For strong Valentine’s, fun-inspired dressing, what’s better than the pairing of pink with red? The duality lies in all the romance that the two colours immediately conjure, plus the eye-catching contrast of the bold (red) and the soft (pink).

Mi-Le's Spring/Summer'16 catwalk look
Mi-Le’s Spring/Summer’16 catwalk look

Perhaps it’s the semiotics of the colours – red traditionally calling out danger, and pink, a gentile romance – but worn together, these shades can’t go wrong, whether you leave it to a print or colour block like Iconic Invanity or Me-Li’s models, in the vein of Solange Knowles (aka, the best of them).

A look from Iconic Invanity's Spring/Summer'16 showcase
A look from Iconic Invanity’s Spring/Summer’16 showcase

Not passionate about the pairing? Replace the red with an orange and you’ll conjour the same feels, in a slightly less heated way – just see Meddle Lane or Kinabuti’s Spring/Summer’16 showcase, or Akpos Okudu’s finale dress at Lagos Fashion & Design Week for inspiration.

A beautiful ruffled gown from Akpos Okudu's Spring/Summer'16 collection
A beautiful ruffled gown from Akpos Okudu’s Spring/Summer’16 collection

4. Strawberry Chocolates

Know what’s more delicious than a red and pink combination? A the collaboration of pink and brown, which we think is down to the fact the palette reminds us of chocolates and dessert – which isn’t a bad thing if you’re hoping to look completely edible to your date.

Guys, lead the eye of your beholder to mentally undress your brown suit, worn with a pop of pink from a shirt worn underneath; ladies, do the same or try a pink lipstick atop your brown ensemble, if you’re more about subtlety.

A look from Orange Culture's Spring/Summer'16 showcase
A look from Orange Culture’s Spring/Summer’16 showcase

Though even if you reengage the hues to your accessories (like Adebayo Oke-Lawal’s Spring/Summer’16 catwalk ‘fits for OrangeCulture), it’s a winning combination that could take your relationship from admiring each other’s wardrobes to something more, in a look.

5. Fuchsia Finishes

Outgoing sort of soul? You might be best paired with the loudest pink going: Fuchsia, which is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Onalaja's Spring/Summer 16 catwalk look
Onalaja’s Spring/Summer’16 catwalk look

Another of McMeka's Spring/Summer'16 looks
Another of McMeka’s Spring/Summer’16 looks

The shade – spied an most catwalks for Spring/Summer’16 – is as ‘out there’ as a zingy lime, and will certainly help clarify the fact that you want to be noticed, by that certain someone or everyone, even, and regardless of how shy, quiet or calm you appear in areas outside of style.

Tiffany Amber's silky Spring/Summer'16 look
Tiffany Amber’s silky Spring/Summer’16 look

If attention-keeping is your goal, make like the models Onalaja and McMeka’s Spring/Summer’16 showcases and wear your heart on your sleeves, from  head to toe. Or, maybe keep to one key accessory in the vibrant shade, like the girls at ?? did.

6. Pink’N’Whites

Who doesn’t love a marshmallow? And so who wouldn’t love you, turning up for a date dressed in mallow-y pink and white?

Re's Spring/Summer'16 look
Re’s Spring/Summer’16 look

A sure softener of even the punchiest personalities and any strong perceptions or opinions of a person, this is the combination to wear to let your guard down and your true self shine.

With pieces from Funke Adepoju, Re, ?? and more, your true self can also be super stylish. But it’s an easy-to-digest palette, that’ll leave you easy on the eye.

Funke Adepoju's perfect Spring/Summer'16 look
Funke Adepoju’s perfect Spring/Summer’16 look

7. Pink Prints

Lastly, the wardrobe blue print for any one wanting to declare themselves both confident and in-the-know about all things fashion, is pattern. And for Valentine’s dates? We’re saying try a print with a little pink.

Maki Oh's Spring/Summer'16 prints
Maki Oh’s Spring/Summer’16 prints

Overly romantic folk will flock to florals, while punchy personalities might do bold patterns like zags, stripes or polka dots; the understated amongst you might try a ditzy print of sorts.

Onalaja's Spring/Summer'16 look
Onalaja’s Spring/Summer’16 look

But those with designs on being dubbed ‘fun’ or better still, ‘different’, there’s Orente Ayaba, Luvita, Amede or Onalaja’s abstract-looking patterns, plus geo prints from Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi to try – the sort that we at SPICE have fallen head over heels for.

Lanre Da Silva Ajayi's Spring/Summer'16 collection
Lanre Da Silva Ajayi’s Spring/Summer’16 collection

Find a way to rock pink for your Valentine’s night ensemble and your date might just fall for you.

Image source: Lagosfashionanddesignweek.com

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