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8 Things We Learned from Temi Dollface’s “School Your Face” Video

Quirky cool kid singer, Temi Dollface is back with a brilliant new video for “School Your Face” – dropped yesterday in dedication to Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.

Taken from her collaborative The Collectiv3 LP album, the track comes to life with a video that sees Temi in a “battle between head and heart” – the vintage-lover playing two roles in the video (directed by Damola Adelaja), to represent the “hard/soft duality that we women strive to attain.”

While we at SPICE have been thinking about all things ‘mother‘ this March, we were intrigued to find out that Ms Dollface also pays tribute to her Grandmother, whose nickname “Sergeant Major” is played out via one of Temi’s characters –  the singer saying;

“In her day she was a trail blazer for female empowerment and mentorship, so who better to play the role she has always played, in my life and art. Plus she does a brilliant Schooled Face.”


But, with the star being a super stylish role model for us here at SPICE, there were a few other things that we noted from the video – see them here below.

1. Fashion Obviously Runs in the Blood


So Temi’s nan is mad stylish. Like, do you see her cropped ‘fro? Do you see how the mandarin collar and medallions are quietly complimented with a classy pair of studs? Did you clock the cherry red pumps?


And note this look is just for lounging at home and imparting knowledge on a casual day in with her granddaughter… Just imagine the stepping out ensemble!

2. Temi Loves Hats & Not Just on Her Head


Got a bust or mannequin lying around the home somewhere? Well, trust that if you invite Temi in, she’s going to adorn it with a hat.


We spied her desk buddy rocking a militia-style hat, which compliments her khaki-swathed outfit for scene in the study room, and we guess also solved the problem of loving two hats equally but only having enough actual headspace to physically wear one.

Hats of to Temi’s styling genius.

3. …But Temi Really Loves Hats


To the point that we counted (an unconfident) 29 in the video, but with a lot else to concentrate on, we admit, there may actually have been more.

braid2 army

And no, we don’t think choosing to lead an army of beauties in the video was a complete ‘happy accident’ or coincidence…  We bet Temi felt just as good about standing on that podium and looking down at the red sea of hats as we would looking down at an army of dinner plates.

all the hats

Imagine 20 of your favourite thing in the world, hovering right under your nose and tell us we’re wrong.

4. Temi Makes Militia Hot


…And haute, with three very stylish khaki ensembles. The first she rocks best on the desk, dancing in an office while clad in a caped/Agbada-inspired look.


The next best outfit came strutting into camp on a pair of heels, with some great details to the back: the pleated peplum of the jacket and super high split of the skirt catching our attention.


Lastly, for playing the part of the army soldier, Temi works a tee, pant and lace up boot look that is perfect for getting into formation with, as she proves with her fiery dance routine.

5. Temi Also Loves DIY


Well, we don’t doubt they took the maker a lot of sweat and tears, but the heels Temi marches up to her all-girl crew in look totally custom-made – and cool, if you’re wanting to walk in and prove you mean business, head to toe.


These are tough-wearing, hard-as-nails looking shoes (worn with socks) that have a red, steel heel – one comprised of what looks like a bracket for a shelf. But hey, we’d not want to be on the end of those things, when fashion-killer Temi and her brigade arrives to kick ass.

6. Long Braids Are for Big Girls Too


…You best believe it. Because Temi’s taken the braided look to the extreme in this video, rocking one single plait all the way down her back and to a length that surpasses her waist.


That’s enough length to wrap one and half times around the neck – which Temi and her backup dancers do, with all the vibes but better style than Usher did with his bling in “Yeah.”


Not just the go-to for school girls, braids are also for grown ups seeking to school their faces. Best bring yours to your next girl group meet up, or dance off.

7. Tiny Umbrellas – Officially a Trend


We really don’t think they’re practical, but if practically every megastar is wielding one (we noted Beyonce rocking her’s in her girl-power video for “Formation,” too) then we guess we really do need one.


Preferably it’d be cute, in white lace and just about big enough to fit our head under. But satisfying knowing that we’d look as cool as Ms Temi or Bey when we’re spied twirling it about on our way to work. Yasss.

8. You Can Defo Look Cute While Schooling Your Face


Got some faux lashes? A white eyeliner? Some gold-hued lipstick? Well then you’ve pretty much got the Temi Dollface start kit for looking cute as hell – which you’ll need, especially when doing as she orders and “schooling” your face.

The singer does the doe-eyed look so well, with her pretty, big peepers. Plus those quirky touches she loves so much manifested best beauty-wise when she was see playing the xylophone among the clouds (see 2mins54 for evidence that actually happened – we haven’t lost our minds).


Wear the look next time you’re feeling in the mood to play, but note no one pulls off a playful style as well as Ms Dollface.

But what did you learn from Temi Dollface’s latest offering? And do you know what it is we’re supposed to do with our face?

Tell us your thoughts on the new “School Your Face” video below in the comments box or online @SPICETVAFRICA.

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