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A night of nostalgia – ‘Lotanna’ Movie Premiere

SPICE’s Sefinah Lamii attended the movie premiere for ‘Lotanna’ movie and she writes in as she reviews the Fashion on the night of the movie premiere as well as her awkward meeting with Adekunle Gold and the almost perfect 70s atmosphere. Enjoy and we’d love to read your comments.

5:00pm prompt! Clearly stated as the red carpet time for the Lotanna movie premiere at the Eko Hotel and Suites. But somehow the Nigerian and procrastinator in me didn’t allow me get to the venue until 7:20pm, I was late and to make things worse the universe decided to bless me with terrible network reception, making it almost impossible to contact my colleague, who had the decency to arrive at the apt time.

After about 10 minutes of “hello! Can you hear me? Come get me outside please, hello! Hello” the universe decided I had suffered enough. Finally my colleague was there at the lobby to rescue me, as we hurried to the hall where the event was taking place, then she realized she couldn’t remember which way was the right way in. We went from corner to corner trying to find our way in, and as we hurried out of yet another wrong door, I bumped into Adekunle Gold. Dressed for the event, in his retro outfit and wide glasses, I apologized to Mr. Gold and complimented his outfit as I hurried along. I am sure he was wondering exactly what was wrong with my colleague and I, one would have thought I was star struck, but a little bit of crazy found its way in the encounter. Finally we found our way in, hurried past the guards and alas we were on the red carpet.

A sudden jolt of nostalgia for the retro 70’s hit me. I was transfixed by the beautiful colors, gypsy costumes, spot on props from the movie and familiar happy faces that met me. Entertainers graced the red carpet in their individual retro outfits, each with its unique twist and of course statement accessory. Some were a big miss but I won’t be talking about that today, this article is all about the slayers.
The first person that caught my eye, was Mitchell Dede. In a loose silk top, Ankara knee length skirt, paired with block heel shoes and a curly Afro. She looked nice, but what drew me to her, was her perfectly bronzed skin from head to toe. she was perfectly bronzed! which flattered her already attractive skin tone. As I tried not to stare, I couldn’t help but appreciate the concept but also wonder how long it will take to get all that bronzer off her skin when she got back home.
The inner room of the red carpet had been designed with props from scenes in the actual movie, and tonight it was the perfect photo boot for dazzling celebrities, as photographers called out their names, directing them on how to strike different poses to suit their individual vision.
Ifan Ifeanyi, the producer of the movie looked totally different in his Afro and two piece retro costume.
premiere 10
The main character of the movie, Lotanna; came through in pants, a white shirt, and suspenders. He was full of smiles, taking pictures and granting interview for all the journalists present on the red carpet.
Another celebrity that caught my eye, was Denola Grey. In his full faced glasses, buttoned down vintage shirt and wide feet pants. He looked like the perfect gypsy from the past.
premiere 7
Nollywood sweetheart Somkele Iyamah, came off on the simple side for the event. Rocking her beautiful natural hair in a bouncy Afro. She wore a high waist wide feet Ankara pant paired with a loose turtle neck top.
premiere 9
Ric Hassani could have passed for one of Gatsbys friends in his neutral suit paired with his signature turtle neck and transparent wide face spectacles.
premiere 1
Below are pictures of other celebrities that dazzled on the premiere night:
premiere 6
premiere 3
premiere 11
Two hours later, the festivities on the red carpet came to an end, as we all found our way in the theatre for the night, to watch the Lotanna movie for the first time. A story of a boy who had dreams of becoming a musician, the burden of his fathers debts looming over his head, and an industry that wasn’t ready to embrace the uniqueness of his musical style.
by Sefinah Lamii.

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