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Aamito Stacie Lagum Talks Leaving Uganda & Why Oluchi’s Her Idol

Beautiful Ugandan model, Aamito Lagum has been talking about her fashion story so far – one that started with a win on the first ever series of Africa’s Next Top Model and unfolded with a fast rise to the top.

Speaking to i.D Magazine, the Autumn/Winter’15 face of Marc Jacobs (see the campaign here), explained the best thing about her career is being able;

“…To see the world. The posh beauty of London, world’s love centre Paris, Milan, New York among others. It is just wonderful for little me to meet the big world. But most of all, I have gotten to meet and work with a bunch of incredible and talented minds.”

The stunner walking for Suno’s Autumn/Winter’15 Showcase in New York

The gorgeous 22-year-old, who achieved fashion fame with her TV series win in 2013, also spoke about leaving her home in Uganda to pursue her modelling career, saying;

“Kampala is 11,367 Kilometers away from New York. Each of those miles reminds me each morning that I have come too far to be comfortable with where I am. And might I add that my mum is an archetype of hardworking; some of those genes had to fall over.

…Where I am from, those in my trade do not rank in the list of Ugandan ‘anythings’… lawyers do. So passing up that for modelling took some chutzpah.”

Ms Lagum with supermodel Oluchi following her ANTM Africa win


Like us, the talent also counts Nigerian star Oluchi Orlandi as an inspiration (did you see her figure in our bikini style rundown, here?), telling i.D;

“In my eyes she is fashion’s biggest model of rags to riches. Not just because she made it from the corridors of obscurity to the world stage, but because when she got there, she gave a hand and a platform to the voiceless but ambitious talents.

Here I am, thanks to her.”

The model’s recent shot for i.D Magazine’s “Activist” Issue editorial


It seems that Aamito aims to follow in the supermodel’s footsteps, with dreams as big as Ms Orlandi’s career, sharing of her future;

“I see myself as a global brand. Even then, I still want to be as ambitious as I was three years ago, long before Africa’s Next Top Model was a reality.

I want to be a ten year upgrade of the current me. I want to take on new challenges with a learning curiosity so I can be the happy cat when it is all done.”

For now, we at SPICE are happy to watch Aamito Lagum’s steady climb up the ranks of the fashion industry and wish her all the best in what is sure to be a very successful journey.

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