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Aamito Stacie’s Beautiful Lips Attacked by Racist Trolls via MAC’s Instagram

As Team SPICE gear up for Social Media Week, Ugandan model Aamito Stacie Lagum has had a bad week in digital terms, having briefly shouldered some negativity online, when MAC Cosmetics posted a picture of her lips to Instagram and racist trolls went wild.

The pic shows Aamito’s pout looking perfect backstage at Ohne Titel’s showcase, wherein the model walked with a black outlined lip look using one of the beauty brand’s products.

After posting the closeup to their page, followers of MAC’s account responded with mixed views – many loving the beautiful picture of Aamito’s enviable smackers, but others leaving racist remarks.



As well as having a gathering of trolling comments piled against the post, other followers began to question why MAC wasn’t responding – either by deleting comments, blocking negative users or issuing a statement of sorts.

Eventually, two days later, the brand posted another image to their page, which made their views on the matter clear, albeit in a passive aggressive manner and possibly a little too slow, captioned;

“M·A·C stands for and respects All Ages, All Races, All Sexes. We celebrate the beauty of individuality, and the confidence to be who you are.”

Aamito herself also responded, proving the beauty also has brains and little time for haters, captioning;

“My lips giving you sleepless nights. On @maccosmetics IG.

‘Thankyou @maccosmetics for this killer color and to that makeup artist .ama get me 3 of these…”

Fans also continued to stick up for her natural beauty online, battling with trolls on MAC’s page and on Aamito’s account – one follower creating fan art which Aamito shared, saying;

Take a pic of you #luscious-lips and hashtag #PrettyLipsPeriod#mylipsgotitsownhashtag

Take a pic of you #luscious-lips and hashtag #PrettyLipsPeriod #mylipsgotitsownhashtag #berryblue #Heartshapedlips @maccosmetics

A photo posted by Aamito Stacie Lagum (@aamito_lagum) on

The event has highlighted issues surrounding the way global brands, who market to a diverse range of people, should reflect their audience and react and respond in instances where followers attack a particular group – whether it be racially motivated, sexist, homophobic, aimed at a particular belief or religion, or discriminate in some other way.

Brands like MAC, who are in charge of large numbers of followers and as such, are influencers in their field, should surely be equipped to handle trolls and commentators on its posts with respect, speed and professionalism – hence it’s disappointing to see the racist comments remain under the brand’s image and that the offending followers are still free to continue posting.


But what do you think? Tell us how you believe MAC should have responded to the racist comments under Aamito Stacie’s image by tagging us in your thoughts online @SPICETVAFRICA – and also let us know whether you agree with us that the model has #PrettyLipsPeriod.

Image source: @Aamito_lagum, @Maccosmetics,

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