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Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2017 is ‘Celebrating the Vibrant Pulse of Africa’

 In past decade, Lagos has become the center of Fashion and Design In Nigeria as well as a recognized force in Africa and beyond. Fashion Season is upon us again here in Nigeria, and we can already feel the heat from fashionista. AFWN 2017 Uniquely themed edition is set to hold at National Arts Theater Lagos for the first time on the 3rd and 4th June 2017.  The most interesting part of this year’s edition is the theme ‘Celebrating the Vibrant Pulse of Africa‘. What to expect from this event would be a lot of African Prints and Hand woven fabrics. Over 5o designers and exhibitors are set to feature in the show, some of which are Kola Kuddus, Maufechi, Regalia, Zizi Cardow, Marobuk, Tash by Tasha, Linda Ngwi (Cameroun) Sally Bawa, Alex Akande (Cameroon), Eve Design( Senegal) Afrikawala (Zambia), and Del Africa (Jos),  alongside many others.

According to the Founder, Ronke Ademiluyi

Africa Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN) staying true to its African heritage in conjunction with Lagos State Government, will be holding the 2017 edition on the 3rd & 4th of June at the Nigeria’s iconic venue – The National Arts Theater Lagos, where Africa’s culture was showcased in all its grandeur and splendor 40 years ago when Nigeria hosted the World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC 77) .

This new location fulfills the much desired goal to host a Fashion Week in a location that is true representation of our continent. The AFWNigeria 2017 theme ‘Celebrating the Vibrant Pulse of Africa’, dedicated to Africa’s colorful and rich heritage, is aimed at bringing spunk and new energy to style and fashion across the continent.

The exciting venue for the 2017 edition, dubbed ‘the powerhouse of AFWN’, has been tried and tested from the resounding success of the first ever iconic catwalk shows held in April. The Theater space offers the freedom and flexibility to transform it to the required aesthetics required. The facilities available can be compared to any like facility across the globe ” the AFWN team revealed in a statement.

The “long term growth of the fashion industry is grounded on developing initiatives to ensure that the Nigeria remains the centre of fashion and a leader at the forefront of creativity, style, and innovation which is why the best of Africa’s emerging and established fashion talents will be showcasing at this historic monument to reflect the dynamism of African fashion and a reflection of our roots

 Aiki Odiawa Chief Operating Officer of AFWN also gave this brief “The decision to host this year’s fashion week at this iconic location is a conscious effort to take our guest on a nostalgic journey of the best of the past and vibrant pulse of the future by using this venue as a point of reference. Recall that this is same location that hosted the continent 40 years ago to FESTAC 77, a spectacular event that is yet to be rivaled in the continent to date” 

As we said earlier and also confirmed by the producer Bayo Haastrup “This year’s event promises to be something like never seen before in Nigeria”. Do not forget to take your African Heritage with you while attending the event.




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