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African Artists Chris Ofili & Wangechi Mutu Create Harper’s Bazaar Art’s November’14 Issue Covers

For its second instalment of its Bazaar Art supplement, Harper’s Bazaar has revealed six unique covers, created by six top names in contemporary art – with Nigeria’s Chris Ofili and Kenya’s Wangechi Mutu producing two of them.

Alongside Harry Cory Wright, Donald Robertson, Takashi Murakani and Howard Hodgkins, Mutu and Ofili have created their own beautiful collector’s covers for the mag’s November supplement, lending their personal style of art to the project.

The results of Ofili’s efforts – with the Turner Prize-winning artist most well known for his ornate elephant dung-incorporating pieces – is a stunning cover depicting an abstract female figure, sipping wine in vivid, bold colours.

Artist and sculptor Mutu’s offering is a potently pretty orchid with wild, striped vines, comprised of her signature mixed print compilation.

All the covers can be viewed here, though our favourites are Chris Ofili and Wangechi Mutu’s, below;

mutu-art-cover ofili-art-cover_copy

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