Sunday, October 1, 2023

African fashion week founder urges Africans to Embrace African Prints In Their Collection

The founder of the African fashion week London and Nigeria, Ronke Ademuluyi while speaking to the NAN on Sunday about the upcoming African Fashion week Nigeria urged Nigerians to accept the African print. She said the African print should be adopted as an official  outfit, then went on to say that it is not enough to be worn only on Fridays, but it should be adopted by workers and schools.


“If great men and public figures in international community’s put on the Ankara proudly, then why can’t we promote what is our own?”


She went on to talk about the possibilities of job opportunities and poverty reduction from the fashion business, through promoting indigenous fabrics.

Ronke also went on to talk about the upcoming African fashion week Nigerian which is scheduled to hold on the 3rd and 4th of June this year at the National arts theater Lagos-Nigeria.


The reason for choosing the arts theater as this year’s location according to Ronke is because “that is where Africa’s culture was showcased in all its grandeur and splendor 40 years ago represents the nation’s pride.”


This year’s exhibition is dedicated to the promotion of Africa’s heritage with designers creating concepts from African prints and fabrics. Which is exactly what the fashion show is about?


The African fashion week London is the biggest fashion event in Europe, promoting African inspired designs and talents. Founded in 2011, the show has had 5 catwalk events, which showcased over 800 emerging designers and exhibitors from Africa, Europe and America with an astonishing 70,000 visitors including buyers, retailers, fashion influencers and the media.

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