Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Ajak Deng Talks Pizza, Paris & Plane-Hopping with Milk Made

Fast-rising model, Ajak Deng is Australia’s ‘Most Successful International Model,’ having starred on the pages of I.D, Vogue and W Magazine, and being called upon to walk for top labels like Givenchy and Lanvin.

In a candid new interview, Ms Deng talks pizza, Paris and Plane-hopping with Milk Made (who also shot the Sudanese stunner in an easy-going editorial lensed by  Mitchell McLennan and styled by Paul Bui), saying that the most difficult part of her career is;

“Travel. All of the same day traveling. Having to get on and off the plane then go straight on set and work all day long and then have to fly back out early in the morning. It’s exhausting. You have no chance to freshen up.

You haven’t really gotten much sleep, nobody really cares if you get sleep or not. That is the hardest part for me, because you should at least care if we’re well rested. Come on, we are human! This is teamwork, it’s not all about you and it’s not all about me. It’s about the team working together, bringing together the brand. And it’s easier to do that if we’re awake!”


On where she’d like to call home one day, the model explains;

“…There are a lot of places I want to live, but I’d have to pick a place where I can one day see myself raising children. Paris, that’s probably my favorite city. I’m a huge fan of their public transportation, so much better than the New York subway right? And I would live there for the food. I love croissants and they obviously do it best there.”


With Ajak a regular on Instagram and having made headlines earlier this year for her video post of herself devouring a giant slice of pizza, the model also shared where the idea for the video had came from, saying;

“Well I posted that video because the day before this kid on Instagram was talking shit. He said things like ‘Oh you’re an anorexic bitch, if you don’t eat you’re going to die of starvation’ and blah blah blah, just really senselessly negative comments. And my manager was like ‘Don’t even bother responding.’

But I thought ‘Oh I’m going to respond in my own way.’ I mean I do eat, damn it! I love food! So I thought ‘I’ll just make little 15 second videos showing them how much I eat, and then nobody can say that I’m starving!’”


See Ajak’s insta-post on pizza below and then read her full interview with Milk Made, here.

Video & image source:, @Ajak_deng

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