Saturday, April 1, 2023

All The Red Carpet Moments Of The Oscars 2018

Bring it on or nothing!! The Oscars is the biggest night of Hollywood and your whole year is centered around planning with your designer for the best outfit you could ever appear in.

While Stars like Viola Davis, Lupita Nyong and Taraji Henson dressed to the nines in their beautiful ensembles, we can not also deny that some of the stars looked like mutton dressed as lamb.

While we wait fo rthe verdict from our Fashion Jury on Style 101, take a look at all the Red carpet fashion moments of the Oscars 2018.

Taraji-Hensen Sandra-Bullock Salma-Hayek OSCARS-Viola-Davis OSCARS-Saoirse-Ronan OSCARS-Mary-J-Blige OSCARS-Octavia-Spencer OSCARS-Laura-Dern OSCARS-Jennifer-Lawrence Meryl-Streep Nicole-Kidman OSCARS-Allison-JAnney OSCARS-Betty-Gabriel OSCARS-Jane-Fonda Margot-Robbie

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