Monday, October 2, 2023

All The Times Derin From Isale Eko Gave Us Work Wear Inspiration

Anna Wintor once said, ” you either know fashion or you don’t”, Derin knows it and she flaunts it, I mean who wouldn’t. Aderinola Odugbesan best known as Derin from isale Eko, is our work wear inspiration for the week, it is one thing to be stylish and it is another thing to stay stylish.

Derin knows her style, and she works it conveniently, gone are the days when work clothes were boring, stodgy and laid back, it’s all about the glitz and glam nowadays, irrespective of your working sector.

Derin is one of the style bloggers we totally have a huge crush on, her style is super cool, chic and modish.

she can be considered as a hot fashion plate, take a look at some of out favorite looks from her, and take notes, you might be needing it soon.

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