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Alternative Products To Use Instead Of A Primer

We can relate with the disappointment that comes from spending money on a primer that promises to be the holy grill, but leaves your face oilier than ever barely after some hours after application. We can also relate with the “alternative method” team, you know, the ones who are all for seeking the best results out of weird recommendations and beauty hacks.


We give you 5 alternative products that substitute as a primer.

N.P, this products should NOT be used on a daily basis.

  1. Milk of Magnesia


This is one of the most famous alternative face primers of all time. We are sure your favorite makeup artiste has sworn by the power of this product. Originally produced as a medication to control heartburn, upset stomach, and indigestion. This product is sure to leave your face matte and oil free for many hours after you apply your makeup. Apply a decent amount all over your face, using your fingers or a cotton wool, allow to dry up then add your foundation and continue with the rest of your makeup.

  1. Aloe Vera gel


Aloe Vera gel is respected for the anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties it comes with. Using it as a primer fills in your pores, smoothens your face most importantly controls oily skin. To apply, rub all over your face as you would apply a regular primer, allow to dry up and continue with your makeup routine. For a dewy look, apply few drops of moisturizer in the Aloe Vera gel and mix together before applying on your face.

  1. After shave balm

This is regarded as a good face primer because of the glycerine it contains. It also leaves your face hydrated and radiant.

  1. Silicon base Sex Lubricant

We didn’t say this list won’t get outrageous and a tad awkward. Silicon base is an ingredient found in both makeup primers and some sex lubes, so why not just use a lube if you don’t want to break the bank to get a primer. You can use a plain flavorless type in order to reduce to awkwardness during application. Apply as you would an actual face primer.

N.P this method is not suitable for everyday use and those with sensitive skin.

  1. BB Cream


Well asides from the amazing target on blemishes and the anti aging properties, BB Cream leaves your skin moisturized and also serves as a primer. To apply, add few light drops on your face, then use your foundation as you would on a normal day.

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