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Anita Okoye Lunches TannkCO. An Affordable Luxury Clothing Line For Children

Paul Okoye’s Wife – Anita Okoye, Lunched an affordable luxury children’s apparel company on May 27, 2019 with quality and comfortably priced clothing wear for boys and girls in the 0-10 age bracket. These will include casual and formal attires for children, as well as baby layettes and underwear.

One can see the attention and focus paid to the quality, ease and functionality of the clothes from the TannkCo line during the Kids-Being-Kids photoshoot. It’s easy to see that this brand is going to be an immense rave with the kids!

With TannkCo. shopping with kids in tow is now easy as parents don’t have to wait for the long summer holidays to update their wardrobes. You can find the TannkCo boutique opening soon in Lekki phase 1. The TannkCo online shopping platform ( is set to launch on Monday the 27th of May- Children’s Day, it will enable customers shop at their convenience. This means summer holidays will be filled with more quality family bonding time!

The CEO of TannkCo., Anita Okoye, a philanthropist, entrepreneur, author and mother of three is extremely well versed in what is required to oversee the success of this brand and its mission. She shared during the photoshoot what to expect from TannkCo;

“TannkCo has been the baby I have been working on for quite some time and I am excited to introduce her to the market. This brand is a true representation of what I am about, I am super passionate about TannkCo. There is a definite need for affordable, well designed and of high quality clothing apparel for kids. Although, TannkCo has its own line of baby and kids apparel we are also currently the exclusive distributor for Monna Rosa Milano, an European fashion apparel company. There is so much that Tannkco will be unveiling this year but right now looking at the models and how comfortable and fun they are being in their TannkCo attires, gives me so much joy and assurance that I am on the right track”
TannkCo has the opportunity to take the children’s clothing industry in Nigeria and West Africa and create a vibrant story in luxury and affordable kids apparel line. Visit them at today.

– Tannkco is an affordable luxury children’s apparel company, set to launch this year for the 0- 10 age bracket
– Tannkco launches this year with a flagship shop and online shopping portal (
– All clothing is of international quality standard with affordable price tags thereby freeing families to concentrate on their summer holidays for bonding and meaning shopping.
– Tannkco stocks both genders, multiple sizes, various styles and underwear for the Nigerian kids. Perfect for those families that have both boys and girls.

About the Company: Tannk Co is an affordable luxury children’s apparel company. To learn more, please visit their website at or their Instagram page at

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