Thursday, June 8, 2023

Apple Launches Power beats 3 Headphones With Balmain

First it was the beauty collaboration with loreal to give us one of the best lipsticks of the year. Now it’s a tech collaboration with tech giants Apple. French fashion Balmain and Apple have collaborated to give us luxury headphones and Kendal Jenner is the face of the campaign.

Fashion brands like Alexander Wang and Fendi have collaborated with apple in the past to create headphones.

In an interview with vogue magazine Oliver Rousteing said the connection with the Beats by Dre headphones began when members of the team came to a Balmain show 4 years ago.


. “What they love about Balmain is that I embrace music. We’ve always had an idea of making something happen together, Also stating that the aim of collaboration is to bring French Luxury to technology.

“When it’s about technology, there are challenges, so you need a lot of respect. You cannot treat headphones like a garment,”

The new Bluetooth apple beats by Dre Powerbeat3 wireless headphones are said to go for $250.

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